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On Ramsey & Rutherford

Taylor Weidman/Getty Images

Most of you have probably heard, but since I haven't shared the news on here yet, I figured I'd fill the rest of you in.

John Ramsey and I both resigned from our positions at 93.9 The Ville on Friday after our show, which means "Ramsey & Rutherford in the Afternoon" on 93.9 is no more. It was a really, really tough decision, but one that we ultimately thought was both necessary and for the best.

I can't speak for John, but I wish nothing but the best for all the people at ESPN Louisville that I've gotten to know over the last couple of years. I genuinely liked and enjoyed all the people I worked with over there and will miss seeing them on a daily basis. There's no bad blood here at all, at least on my end. I hope everyone there feels the same, but if they don't, I suppose there's not much I can do about it.

Working in radio every day was an insanely different world than the other professional ones where I've existed for the last few years. As is the case with just about all changes, some of that was good different, and some of that was not so good different. It was a new challenge that I feel fortunate to have been a part of, one which resulted in me and John going from two dudes who didn't know each other very well to two dudes with the highest-rated afternoon sports show in the city. That was cool.

Having said all that, the last few months have been pure insanity, and I'm excited for the opportunity to come up for air. Working multiple jobs that I really and truly love is an unbelievable blessing, but all of them reaching their maximum level of demand at the same time is taxing. I can't thank my wife enough for putting up with my being awake at all hours of the night and not being able to help out with some of the most basic life tasks because of my schedule. If she hadn't been so understanding and willing to pick up the slack (all while working an extremely high-demand job of her own), then these last several weeks would have been impossible for either of us to navigate.

I'm excited to be able to focus more on this site and a few other projects that I have lined up for the spring and summer, but I'm also sad about what's being left behind. I can't say enough thank yous to all the people who help make this show a success over the past two years, especially all of you who listened, called or provided feedback. You made it fun and overwhelmingly worthwhile.

Thank you so much.