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Thursday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

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Being a Louisville fan means you never have to pick football or basketball. Jack has already embraced that fact.

I_medium In case you hadn't seen or heard the news, U of L's hearing in front of the NCAA's Committee on Infractions is going on today.

What this means is that both sides are presenting their cases, and then the infractions committee (at some point) is going to decide if it wants to levy additional penalties against U of L. If it chooses not to or if U of L chooses to accept any additional sanctions handed out, then we're done here. If U of L chooses to appeal the additional sanctions, then there will be another final hearing at some point over the summer.

Hold on to your butts.

I_medium We haven't forgotten that halfcourt buzzer-beater at the Georgia Dome, Cremins. You owe us.

I_medium Who has better football coaches than the ACC? Nobody.

I_medium Future/present of American soccer.

I_medium Perfect Game USA focuses in on Brendan McKay.

I_medium A Nike executive says that LaVar Ball is "the worst thing to happen to basketball in the last hundred years." Some might say that the correct recipient of that title is the steady rise of influence among shoe companies, but whatever.

I_medium Josh Harvey-Clemons worked out for the New York Giants yesterday.

I_medium Happy 4/20 guys.

I_medium Boston College has named Martin Jarmond, who was formerly at Ohio State, as its new athletic director.

I_medium It's National High-Five Day, and is typically the case on this storied occasion, Louisville is getting a little bit of love.

Side note: When did we decide that  every day was national something day? And why does it always have to be something generally positive? I'm ready from some super esoteric or moderately negative national holidays.

Give me "National 'I Was Going to Get So Much Done Today' Day."


Hey did you guys know its "National 'My Brother and Me' Remembrance Day?" I don't know what it is either, but I'm still wearing this throwback Charlotte Hornets Starter jacket to celebrate.

Just trying to make America great.

I_medium Jalen Brunson is returning to Villanova for another year.

I_medium Schnelly forever.

I_medium This story on the current life of former Michigan State wide receiver (and No. 2 overall NFL Draft pick) Charles Rodgers is both beautifully done and remarkably sad.

I_medium Manual running back Aidan Robbins (2019) has received a scholarship offer from Louisville. Robbins says he grew up a fan of U of L and Michael Bush.

I_medium O-lineman Luke Schultheiss is leaving Louisville.

I_medium The folks over at Cardinal Sports Zone would like you to know that Louisville is not Kentucky.

I_medium Now I think about it once a day too.

I_medium Bobby Petrino Sr. turned 80 earlier this week and got some love from his native state of Montana.

I_medium According to Steve Jones of the C-J, Rutgers is the latest program to offer Kyle Bolin a scholarship.

I_medium The latest bracket projection from has Louisville as the No. 6 overall seed in the NCAA tournament.

I_medium The ACC is returning a bunch of championship sites to the state of North Carolina because $$$$.

I_medium Cool shot of the city.

I_medium Dan Wetzel's piece on the final development in the story of Aaron Hernandez is the only one you need to read.

I_medium Three out of the four national recruiting analysts over at Rivals predict that Romeo Langford will eventually pick Louisville. I hope they're right, but I certainly wouldn't put any significant amount of money on it.

I_medium SI's Luke Winn hands out his offensive efficiency awards for the 2016-17 college hoops season.

I_medium Louisville softball took down Western Kentucky, 1-0 Wednesday night.

I_medium And finally, U of L swimming and diving led all ACC programs with 16 athletes on the league's All-Academic Team.