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Paul Finebaum holds Twitter poll on Lamar Jackson

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The ESPN/SEC network host had a Twitter poll asking if you’d want your team to have Lamar Jackson. The results were...odd...

NCAA Football: SEC-Media Day Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Many know Paul Finebaum as the radio host and ESPN/SEC network analyst who is essentially a walking billboard for all things SEC. Last night, he conducted a poll via Twitter (very official and thorough) on if you would want your favorite college football team to have Lamar as your quarterback.

The results were...surprising...

For much of the night, most people voted “No” to wanting Lamar lead their team. Even now, it is pretty much split 50-50. A good portion of this could be attributed to both Kentucky and LSU fans. Both of those schools beat Lamar at the end of the season. Even then, though, the number of fans who want Jackson to hurdle defenders for their team should be much, much higher.

It is still a bit head-scratching how many people there are that still don’t fully buy in to the legitimacy of Jackson, even after his Heisman-winning campaign. Jackson did seem to slow down a bit towards the end of the season, especially in the games against LSU and Houston, where they really did a great job of keeping him in check.

However, accounting for 5,114 total yards and 51 total touchdowns (with an offensive line that was, lets say, not great) to go along with winning the Heisman should make any fan excited to have that player as their quarterback. Especially if you’re a fan of an SEC team, a league that isn’t exactly known for having dominant quarterbacks.

Whatever, I’ll take him on our team every single day.