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Former Louisville LB Abe Brown murdered

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Sad, sad day.

West Virginia Mountaineers v Louisville Cardinals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It appears that one of the victims of the most violent night of the year in the city of Louisville was former Cardinal football player Abe Brown.

Word that Brown was the man police found shot to death inside his car off Cane Run Road late Thursday night began swirling around social media in the early hours of Friday. It was, unfortunately, confirmed by Brown’s attorney later in the day.

"I'm pretty devastated, I gotta tell you," McLaughlin told WDRB. "In my line of work, we lose a lot of people all the time unfortunately, but this is one that is profound, to say the least."

McLaughlin said he represented Brown seven years ago when he was facing felony charges, but he said Brown had successfully completed diversion and had put his past behind him.

"Rarely have I ever encountered a client who was more earnest about his shortcomings and his efforts to change them," McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin said he has represented numerous college athletes, and a common struggle they have is the unrealistic expectation that they will all make it to the professional leagues, which causes them to focus only on athletics to the detriment of academics.

"In fairness, Abe struggled with that," McLaughlin said. "This was his rebirth."

Known for his size and speed, Brown played linebacker at Louisville during the ultra-successful era of 2003-06. He was a starter as a senior on the 12-1 2006 squad, and his final collegiate game was U of L’s 2007 Orange Bowl triumph over Wake Forest.

Brown was one of four overnight homicide victims in the city of Louisville. I don’t know what the answer to all this violence is, but we certainly don’t appear to be coming any closer to finding it.

Rest in peace, Abe, and my thoughts are with his family and everyone else who knew and loved him.