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Wednesday evening Cardinal news and notes

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My man Jonah's already geared up for the 2018 season opener.

I_medium has released its list ($$) of the top 100 MLB prospects in college baseball, and Brendan McKay checks in at No. 1.

I_medium In related news, the second-ranked Louisville baseball team rolled over Purdue 13-2 last night. McKay homered and drove in a career-high five runs.

I_medium It was a beautiful evening at Jim Patterson, as captured in this photo.

I_medium North Carolina legislators have filed a new bill that would require both UNC and NC State to leave the ACC if the league were to pull championship events from the state again. I would like nothing more than to see this bluff called.

I_medium Here's one profile of U of L signee Malik Williams.

One of the more talented and versatile prospects will be suiting up for Louisville and head coach Rick Pitino next season. Malik Williams is one of the more impressive looking high school players that we have evaluated in the class of 2017.

At 6'10", it is a sight to see the 5-star recruit on the offensive end. He has a unique skill-set, in which he can play on the wing due to his excellent shooting and athletic ability for a big-man.The Indiana native has a very nice looking shooting stroke as he displays a nice mid-range game. He also shows the ability to hit the 3-point shot with consistency. This is going to create match-up problems for Louisville's opponents next season. He will need to develop a few low-post moves once he heads off to college.

Listed as a PF, we believe Williams can play multiple positions in college. He might end up as a "stretch-4" due to his height, shooting ability, and athleticism. However, he isn't just an offensive player. He should make an impact by blocking shots. He shows very good timing in this area. This skill usually translates to the college game from high school and you can't teach height.

While a good rebounder at the high school level, Williams needs to gain weight and strength for the college game. Louisville prides themselves on playing up-tempo and being tough. While the big-man will fit in with the fast paced tempo of play, he will need to get in the weight room. Once he gets stronger, it will only make him a better player.

Malik Williams and Louisville look like a great match. With his overall skill-set, Rick Pitino and his staff will get the most out of Malik Williams abilities. He is a unique high school basketball player who can very well be an outstanding college player. He will be going to a program that maximizes a player's talents and abilities.

I_medium Coach Cal found his "One and Not Done" documentary hard to watch, which makes me more likely to watch it at some point. Also keep an eye out for my byline in the doc's opening minutes. Probly gonna win an Oscar.

I_medium When she's moved on, but you haven't.

I_medium The attorney for the former UNC secretary who created all those fake classes is now seeking to toss out the NCAA's latest notice of allegations.

I_medium Former Ballard high standout Jalen Perry is headed to UAB.

I_medium Brandon Dunn is still showing love.

I_medium Corey Ray is now one of the top 10 outfielders on's Prospect Watch.

I_medium The AP focuses on Brendan McKay being able to "do it all."

The phrase "total package," as applied to a baseball player or any other athlete, is often thrown around too casually. But there really is no other way to describe Louisville's Brendan McKay.

He's in line to be the first pitcher taken in the Major League Baseball draft.

He's also in line to be the first position player/hitter taken.

"You have a lot of guys who are two-way players, but one skill kind of overshadows the other," Louisville coach Dan McDonnell said. "If you put Brendan the pitcher on one side and Brendan the hitter on the other side, they could almost have their own competition to see who's better at that craft."

As a pitcher, the lefty throws a low- to mid-90s fastball he locates with precision uncommon for a collegian, a devastating curveball he brought from high school and a changeup he's developed since last fall. He's 25-9 with a 1.93 ERA and 313 strikeouts against 86 walks since arriving at Louisville in 2015.

As a batter, the left-handed first baseman and designated hitter is a .336 career hitter with 16 homers, 40 doubles and 102 RBIs in 156 games. He's batting .400 this season after homering, doubling and driving in a career-best five runs in a 13-1 win over Purdue on Tuesday night.

High school two-way star Hunter Greene of Sherman Oaks, California, and McKay are the consensus top two draft prospects. Baseball America editor John Manuel said major league personnel people are split on where the 6-foot-2, 220-pound McKay's future lies.

"You could make a case that McKay is the best pitcher in the country," Manuel said. "Scouts definitely view him as the best pure hitter in the college class."

I_medium Jeff Greer profiles incoming freshman point guard Darius Perry.

I_medium Isaac Humphries is also leaving Kentucky, which means this is probably going to be the youngest of all John Calipari's young teams in Lexington.

I_medium Oregon's Dillon Brooks is following teammate Tyler Dorsey's lead by declaring for the draft and hiring an agent.

I_medium Deion Branch's football camp is back for another year.

I_medium Papa John took some shots at Tom Jurich today during the U of L BOT meeting. Afterward, the acting U of L President said that the Papa's comments weren't an accurate reflection of their prior conversations or his personal stance.

These are the days, man.

I_medium This "One Shining Moment" edit for the Knicks' season is pretty terrific.

I_medium Zach Collins is officially the first one and done in Gonzaga history.

I_medium This is super bizarre, as are all her other player autograph appearances.

What a group.

I_medium If you missed the news yesterday, a new stadium for Louisville City FC is going to be built in Butchertown. It'll be interesting to see if the venue could play host to the ACC tournament in the future, since U of L won't be playing regular season games there.

I_medium Not sure if this would be a wise move on Bridges' part, but it would certainly be enormous for Michigan State.

I_medium Assuming Gorgui Dieng plays in Minnesota's regular season finale tomorrow, he will have played in all 82 games twice in his four NBA seasons, which is something not a lot of people in the league can say. The Gorgster is currently averaging 10.0 points and 7.9 rebounds per game.

I_medium We lost Charlie Murphy and Dorothy Mengering (David Letterman's mom) in a span of about 12 hours and it made me incredibly sad. Both people made me smile and laugh a lot in very different ways.

I_medium And finally, Louisville and Kentucky go at it in softball tonight at 6 p.m. The Wildcats are nationally ranked and defeated the Cards in the only meeting between the two last season. Here's your preview.