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Monday evening Cardinal news and notes

Mason is all geared up for his first U of L basketball postseason.

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I_medium Happy Selection Sunday week, boys and girls. It feels a whole hell of a lot better than it did 12 months ago.

I_medium It's hard to believe this was seven years ago today.

I_medium The fourth-ranked U of L baseball team swept Eastern Michigan to move to 11-0. The Cards are one of just two undefeated teams (4-0 Harvard) left in Division-I.

I_medium I'm not even joking when I say that this made me feel extremely better about Thursday.

I_medium Yahoo's Jeff Eisenberg breaks down the ACC Tournament and predicts that Louisville will fall to Duke in its first game.

I_medium If you couldn't make it out to Senior Day on Saturday, here's a quick video recap.

I_medium Asia Durr and Myisha Hines-Allen were both named to the ACC's All-Tournament team.

I_medium Louisville's national championship odds are down to 16/1 after this past week according to Bovada.

Odds to win the 2017 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship

Team              3/1/17               Current Odds (3/6/17)

North Carolina               6/1                    6/1

UCLA                            6/1                    6/1

Kansas                         7/1                    13/2

Gonzaga                       8/1                    9/1

Villanova                       10/1                  10/1

Duke                            11/1                  11/1

Kentucky                      12/1                  12/1

Oregon                         14/1                  12/1

Louisville                      14/1                  16/1

Arizona                         16/1                  18/1

Florida                          25/1                  25/1

Virginia                         20/1                  25/1

Baylor                           28/1                  28/1

Florida State                 25/1                  28/1

Purdue                          28/1                  28/1

West Virginia                 28/1                  28/1

SMU                             50/1                  40/1

Wisconsin                     33/1                  40/1

Butler                            66/1                  50/1

Syracuse                      40/1                  50/1

Cincinnati                      75/1                  66/1

Maryland                       50/1                  66/1

Michigan State              66/1                  66/1

Notre Dame                  75/1                  75/1

Wichita State                 100/1                75/1

Creighton                      100/1                100/1

Iowa State                     125/1                100/1

Miami Florida                125/1                100/1

Minnesota                     100/1                100/1

Oklahoma State            150/1                100/1

St Mary's CA                 125/1                100/1

Michigan                       150/1                150/1

Virginia Tech                 100/1                150/1

South Carolina              200/1                200/1

USC                             200/1                200/1

Northwestern                 300/1                250/1

Xavier                           300/1                250/1

Dayton                         300/1                300/1

Indiana                          250/1                300/1

Rhode Island                 300/1                300/1

Seton Hall                     500/1                300/1

California                      500/1                500/1

Kansas State                500/1                500/1

Marquette                     500/1                500/1

NC State                       Off the Board    500/1

VCU                             Off the Board    500/1

Middle Tennessee         500/1                Off the Board

Monmouth                    500/1                Off the Board

U of L is also the second choice to win the ACC Tournament.

Conference Tournament Odds

Team           Odds to Win - Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament

North Carolina                           7/4

Louisville                                  7/2

Duke                                        11/4

Virginia                                     5/1

Florida State                             8/1

Notre Dame                              10/1

Syracuse                                  20/1

Miami Florida                            25/1

Virginia Tech                             40/1

Wake Forest                             40/1

Clemson                                   50/1

NC State                                   66/1

Pittsburgh                                 100/1

Boston College                         200/1

I_medium The ACC's official website reached for that low hanging fruit and put together a "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn" video.

I_medium Bleacher Report hands out its postseason college hoops awards.

I_medium Is that good?

I_medium As Selection Sunday week begins, Louisville sits at No. 3 in the current RPI rankings.

I_medium Potential No. 1 NFL Draft pick Myles Garrett says that Devonte Fields taught him "most of what I know."

I_medium Trey Lewis continues to kill it abroad.

I_medium This story of two Louisville boys who got the same haircut with the hope that their teacher wouldn't be able to tell them apart is probably my favorite thing of 2017 so far.


I_medium Sam Vecenie breaks down Lonzo Ball's "ugly ass" shot for Vice Sports.

I_medium Bob Huggins has no plans of changing, whether you like it or not.

I_medium The Sporting News ranks Louisville as the No. 10 March Madness contender.

I_medium Donovan loves the kids.

I_medium Bellarmine captured the GLVC Tournament title and earned the No. 1 seed in the Midwest for the NCAA Tournament yesterday. I don't have to say this, but that speech two weeks ago ...

I_medium USA Today takes an early look at the 2017 Louisville football team, which it ranks No. 19.

Why No. 19?

1. Lamar Jackson. After a Heisman-winning sophomore campaign, the question becomes how Jackson can improve — and he can improve, believe it or not, particularly in his ability to read defenses and deliver as a more traditional pocket-passing quarterback. Consider his final four games of last season: Jackson was still a defensive coordinator's nightmare, but that 1-3 finish revealed the need for balance under center. Jackson was outstanding in 2016, but he should be — and needs to be, if the Cardinals have eyes on more than the Citrus Bowl — better this fall.

2. The process. That one embarrassing year with the Atlanta Falcons aside, Bobby Petrino's coaching tenures tend to follow a script: early struggles, signs of bloom, explosive breakthrough, championship contention. Louisville has gone through at least the first two stages; last year could be viewed as a breakthrough, though the Cardinals made no great progress in the win column. In general, however, it's abundantly clear that Petrino has this program pointed in the direction of Clemson and Florida State — the two ACC frontrunners standing in Louisville's path to the Playoff.

I_medium Kevin Keatts and UNC Wilmington will take on Charleston in the CAA championship game tonight at 7 on CBS Sports Network. I wrote about the remarkable story the Seahawks are last week.

I_medium The U of L women's tennis team has cracked the top 50 nationally.

I_medium This will be an interesting watch.

I_medium says the evolution of Deng Adel could provide a huge boost to the U of L offense.

I_medium The U of L women's basketball team will be holding a Selection Monday watch party downtown that is open to fans.

I_medium And finally, Jeff Greer takes an updated look at U of L's postseason resume.