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Rick Pitino still gets $24.70 a year for his breakout performance in ‘Blue Chips’

Shoutout to both the obvious camera and the shameless product placement in this shot.

USA Today released its annual coaching salary database earlier this week, revealing that Rick Pitino was the third highest-paid coach in the NCAA tournament based on school pay, and that he also broke his own record for outside income.

Here’s the crux of the section on Pitino’s outside income:

Adidas and the University of Louisville athletics program — especially men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino — mean a lot to each other.

The shoe and apparel manufacturer paid Pitino $2.25 million of the more than $2.7 million he received in athletically related income that did not come from the university or affiliated organizations during the 2015 calendar year, according to the most recent version of a disclosure document that he and other Division I college sports staffers until recently had to file with their schools under NCAA rules.

Pitino’s outside-income total for 2015 is nearly $800,000 more than any public-school football or men’s basketball coach has reported since USA TODAY Sports began tracking those coaches’ compensation during the 2006-07 school year. Pitino also had the previous highest outside-income amount — just more than $1.9 million for the 2013 calendar year.

Ok, but here’s where things get cool.

Pitino’s outside income total for 2015 also included $150,000 from other endorsement deals, more than $300,000 in speaking fees and $24.70 from movie studios that likely were related to Pitino’s appearances in films made in the 1990’s, Blue Chips and He Got Game.

Pitino’s appearance in He Got Game is, like Denny Crum’s, limited to a few seconds during a fake ESPN segment on basketball prodigy Jesus Shuttlesworth. It’s in Blue Chips where Pitino really got to showcase his acting chops.


Worth every bit of that $24.70.