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Rick Pitino interview recap and podcast from Ramsey & Rutherford

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

If you missed Rick Pitino's impromptu call in to Ramsey & Rutherford, highlights included:

--Pitino explaining why Donovan Mitchell, Deng Adel and Jaylen Johnson all declared themselves eligible for the NBA Draft on Wednesday.

--Donovan is the only one with a real shot at leaving -- a shot Pitino put at about 20 percent -- but he's still glad all three are going through this process. It will keep them in shape and it will be a learning experience.

--Says if Mitchell does leave, the staff already has a plan in to place to handle his loss.

--Made two references to a potential roster addition for 2017-18 that he "couldn't talk about."

--Doesn't expect any other players to declare for the draft.

--Says he would take Josh Jackson from Kansas with the top pick if he were selecting.

--Broke down each of the Sweet 16 games, and has West Virginia playing Kansas in the national championship game.

--Says every position is open for competition, including "Donovan and Quentin" competing for playing time at the point.

--Said he talked with Ray Spalding, and Ray guaranteed that he wouldn't do what he did last spring and summer, "which was nothing."

--Weighed in on the LaVar Ball situation.

--Said he is still considering redshirting Matz, but that Matz has really been coming on recently.

--Mentioned Jordan Nwora as a guy who could compete for time immediately at the two, and said Malik Williams will compete at both the four and the five.

You can listen to the full interview here: