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Recap: Cards Win First Game in ACC Tourney

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

It was no secret to anyone in the gym what the Cards' strategy was in their first game in this year's ACC Tournament.  The second Louisville touched the ball to start every offensive possession you could hear Coach Walz screaming "PUSH IT!"  No doubt the idea was to wear down a Clemson team who had to play less than 24 hours before.  It was a solid idea because the Cards pushed it to a 24-4 lead at the end of the first quarter and despite the Tigers outscoring Louisville in the next quarter they were never able to make up the difference.  The final score was 68-46

Stop me if you've heard this before but the high scorers in the game were Myisha Hines-Allen and Asia Durr.  Both had 17.  Coach Walz said that Mariya Moore didn't shoot well today, but "she passes so well and sees the floor."  She had six assists.  He also told sideline reporter Chelsea Shine at halftime, "I thought a few of our team were playing for Clemson" but that "Ciera Johnson did a nice job for us."  Ciera had 7 points and 2 rebounds.

Tomorrow at 11AM the Cards get a rematch against an NC State team that beat them on a last second shot at the Yum! a month ago.  The game is on RSN/FOX.