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Alabama blocks the potential transfer of Raheem Falkins to Louisville

Louisville joins a list with five other schools that Alabama will not allow the transfer of wide receiver Raheem Falkins.

CFP National Championship Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

While a transfer has not been officially announced yet for Alabama wide receiver Raheem Falkins, it looks like one might be imminent with the release of a Crimson Tide compliance letter, listing a number of school’s that block Falkins from potentially transferring there.

Falkins, who would be a fifth-year senior in the upcoming 2017 season, would be eligible to play right away upon his graduation from Alabama. All of the schools listed are future Crimson Tide opponents. That includes Florida State, Fresno State, Colorado State, Arkansas State, The Citadel, and Southern Miss. The entire Southeastern Conference is blocked, as well. One future Alabama opponent that is not on the list is Duke.

As ridiculous as it is for a school to dictate where a student-athlete can transfer (even if they graduate, as in Falkins case), it’s no surprise that it happens, and it happens quite frequently. The Cardinals weren’t a factor in Raheem’s recruitment out of high school, and there’s no indication that either side is interested in the other upon his graduation and potential transfer. As a member of the Tide, Falkins has not recorded a single career catch. If he so chooses, Raheem could appeal to the NCAA about the restrictions that Alabama has placed on his transfer.

Louisville opens up the 2018 season by facing Alabama in Orlando on September 1st.