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Thursday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Captain Dede Tran and Q La are Cardinal fans and high school classmates who somehow found each other at the Grady DFAC in Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. Captain Tran is about to redeploy back to Louisville after a 9 month tour. Thanks so much to both for their service.

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I_medium The U of L women's team looks to bounce back from a disappointing performance against Notre Dame on Monday when they face Virginia Tech tonight. Here's your preview.

I_medium Saint Louis lost a basketball game last night, and then got stranded at the arena when their bus driver took off without them. She was later tracked down by state troopers on the highway and arrested for DWI.

I_medium Lamar Jackson Heisman beer? Lamar Jackson Heisman beer.

I_medium North Carolina players think Grayson Allen takes too much heat and that he's a great person. Watch the Tar Heels and Blue Devils make out tonight at 8 on ESPN.

I_medium Charlie Scott wants somebody to break his ACC Tournament scoring record.

I_medium It's "Raise Red" season once again over at U of L, and the event is going to get several shoutouts this Saturday at the Yum Center during the Miami game. If you aren't familiar with Raise Red, here are some fast facts:

--Over 1,000 students are fundraising for their chance to dance for an entire weekend

--There is a student who is going to run on a treadmill for the entire 18 hours.

--The event will raise its $1,000,000th dollar this year in just its fourth year of existence.

--The Goal for the event this year is to raise $450,000

--The event is February 24thand 25th. Everyone in the community is invited to come by on February 25that 10am to see how much money we've raised.

Additional info can be found here.

I_medium My man Jahyde Brown -- the second grader who sits in front of me at football games and who we had on the show a couple months back -- is already lighting up dudes twice his age.

Jahyde is headed to a regional All-American camp for select youths next month. He's already Card Chronicle's favorite future Cardinal.

I_medium Will Tucker breaks down the phenomenon of the Duke villain.

I_medium If you live in the Northeast, you could attend the Maxwell Awards Gala on March 10 in Atlantic City to see Lamar Jackson accepted his Maxwell Player of the Year award. I know a few Cardinal fans from Louisville who have already made plans for the trip.

I_medium Luke Winn has Louisville at No. 10 in his latest power rankings for Sports Illustrated.

RECORD: 19-5

The Cardinals have now played six ACC games without their former starting point guard, Quentin Snider, who's out with a strained hip flexor. As valuable as Snider was in their win over Kentucky in December, they've been a better team without him in ACC play—both on offense and on D.

Here are the competition-adjusted splits for Louisville with and without Snider—one set for a pure 5/6 game split, and one set that removes this week's Virginia game, which isn't all that worthwhile for analysis given that the Cardinals were also missing Deng Adel and Mangok Mathiang:

Leaving out the last Virginia game, Louisville has been 25.7 points per 100 possessions better without Snider in ACC play than it was with him. That's a significant margin.

Next up: 2/11 vs. Miami (Fla.), 2/13 at Syracuse

I_medium Dan McDonnell shares his story (video) about the most impactful person on his baseball career.

I_mediumCharles Oakley getting arrested after fighting security at Madison Square Garden last night is the defining Knicks story of the 21st century thus far.

I_medium If you want a dozen Valentine's Day roses taken care of for just $29.99, go to today and use my promo code "939TheVille" to make it happen.

I_medium Duke students had to take a quiz this week and the ones who did the best got the best seats for the North Carolina game. I actually love the idea.

I_medium Being raised right.

I_medium V.J. King is coming around, but he knows there's still plenty of work to do.

I_medium The 2017 U of L baseball media guide is now available for your consumption.

I_medium They can't hurt us anymore.

I_medium Louisville football player Alphonso Carter has been suspended indefinitely following a gun-related charge in December.

I_medium U of L QB signee Malik Cunningham continues to rack up hardware.

I_medium It's almost that time.

I_medium Dr. Dunkenstein will be at Double Dogs in Nashville on Feb. 18 to help kickstart a scholarship for local students.

I_medium Congratulations to Geron Christian and Tobijah Hughley on being named All-ACC Academic performers.

I_medium The Sporting News currently has Louisville as a No. 3 seed.

I_medium Perfect.

I_medium ESPN names Louisville pitcher Maryssa Becker as the 15th-best player in college softball for the upcoming season.

I_medium Brendan McKay is a first team preseason All-American.

I_medium The U of L lacrosse team faces Marquette and Robert Morris this weekend.

I_medium Eat it, Boston College.

I_medium State of the U has Louisville at No. 3 in its ACC power rankings.

I_medium Texas football would like a shot at Louisville in order to break the 1-1 series tie between the two programs. I'm good with that.

I_medium And finally, John andI are at Next Level Sports Nutrition from 3-6 this afternoon talking sports. Stop by and give me the finger if you're in the area.