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Louisville Basketball Recruiting Big Board

Taking a look at who is committed, and who the Cards are after.

Welcome to the Card Chronicle basketball recruiting Big Board!

Below we categorize the Cardinals current commitments, along with some of the more highly targeted prospects that U of L is going after, by year. All of the rankings listed are from the 247 Sports Composite Rankings, which takes in to account any particular recruits ranking from all of the major recruiting services. We’ll update this and try to keep it as accurate as possible, but with recruiting, nothing is really ever that accurate.

All targets listed are those that have legitimate interest in Louisville. As recruits gain/lose interest in the program, they will filter in and out of the Big Board.


Who is committed:

Offers: Louisville, Florida, Florida Gulf Coast, LSU, Memphis, Oklahoma State, Tennessee Tech, Texas A&M, UCF, USF, Virginia Tech.

Schools showing interest: UConn, Florida State, Miami, Tennessee, UCLA, West Virginia.

Campus Visit: Took an unofficial visit on 06/23/2016 and 11/12/2016. Followed those up with an official visit on 01/28/2017.

Primary recruiter: Mike Balado.

Anfernee kicked off the Cardinals 2018 class to a strong start when he committed back in November.

Offers: Louisville, Texas, Arkansas, Iowa State, Jacksonville State, Kansas State, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, Rhode Island, Saint Louis, UNLV, and Southern Cal.

Schools showing interest: Kansas, Auburn, Creighton, Florida, Marquette, and Northwestern.

Campus visit: Took an unofficial to campus on 10/12/2016 and 12/21/2016.

Ramey followed up Anfernee’s lead in joining the Cardinals for the 2018 class by committing to Louisville in February. Ramey took unofficial visits to Marquette, Creighton, Northwestern, Texas, Iowa State, Kansas, and Illinois. He took two unofficial visits to the Cards. He released a top-8 in mid-January, but decided to end his recruitment a couple of weeks later by joining Louisville’s 2018 class.


Offers: Duke, Indiana, Kansas, Louisville, North Carolina, Georgia Tech, IUPUI, Purdue, UCLA, and Vanderbilt.

Schools showing interest: Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State.

Visited Campus: Langford took two unofficial visits to campus (02/20/2016 and 09/17/2016).

Langford is a name most Louisville fans are aware of as the composite 5-star guard plays right across the river from Louisville in New Albany. He has offers from all of the national powers that you would expect, but has a top 5 of Louisville, Kentucky, Duke, Indiana, and Kansas. Despite playing so close to U of L, Duke is the presumed favorite at this point. The Cards top recruiter, Kenny Johnson, is working on keeping this talented product to stay home for college.

He is in no hurry to make a decision on where he’ll play.

Offers: Louisville, Maryland, Florida, Kansas, and LSU.

Schools showing interest: Kentucky, Georgia, and Syracuse.

Visited Campus: No.

The Cardinals stand a real shot at landing this top prospect from Florida, as it is currently a battle between U of L and Maryland. It should be noted that the Wildcats are showing interest in De Sousa as well, which is never a good obstacle to be facing when trying to recruit the top talent. Pitino visited Silvio back in September, with Kentucky making a visit after that in October. The Jayhawks are his most recent offer.

Offers: Duke, Louisville, Indiana, Ohio State, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Arizona State, Auburn, Baylor, Kansas, and Memphis.

Schools showing interest: Kentucky and UCLA.

Visited Campus: Unofficial visit on 08/02/2015.

It looks like Louisville is on the outside looking in on the recruitment of Garland. As it stands, Duke is the clear favorite in landing the services of this talented guard. He did take an unofficial visit to Louisville’s campus, but that was over a year ago and he landed an offer from Duke while on his unofficial visit to Durham. Indiana has been in the mix a bit lately, and even Calipari visited Darius recently. Despite the push from these two programs, the Crystal Ball projection predicts that Duke has an 89% chance to land Garland.

Offers: Florida, Florida State, Louisville, Auburn, Cincinnati, LSU, Miami, Oklahoma State, North Florida, Pitt, Stanford, Stetson, UCF, Virginia, and Virginia Tech.

Schools showing interest: Duke, Connecticut, George Washington, Georgia Tech, Kansas, Maryland, Ohio State, Richmond, Texas, SMU, UCLA, Southern Cal, and Wake Forest.

Campus visit: Took an unofficial visit on 10/15/2016.

Recruited by: Mike Balado.

Despite the numerous programs showing interest and sending out offers to Nassir, it looks like the three primary schools that Little is interested in are Louisville, Florida, and Florida State, with the battle coming down between the Cards and Gators.

Offers: Maryland, Louisville, Miami, Syracuse, Temple, Southern Cal, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia.

Schools showing interest: Connecticut, Georgetown, Kentucky, and Villanova.

Campus Visit: Took an unofficial visit on 12/09/2015.

Recruited by: Kenny Johnson.

Despite the number of offers, this is coming down to a race between Maryland and Louisville, but it looks like Maryland has the slight lead right now. Slater’s first recruiting visit was an unofficial visit to Louisville back in 2015, where he landed an offer during his time on campus.

Offers: Louisville, Villanova, Boston College, Cincinnati, Clemson, FIU, Florida, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, LSU, Maryland, Memphis, Miami, Missouri, N.C. State, Nebraska, USF, Virginia, and Wake Forest.

Schools showing interest: Duke, Florida State, Georgetown, Kansas, Notre Dame, UCLA, and Southern Cal.

Campus Visit: Took an unofficial visit on 06/25/2016 and an official visit on 01/28/2017.

Recruited by: Mike Balado.

As it stands, Weaver is primarily interested in Villanova and Louisville. The Crystal Ball projection predicts Villanova to have a 71% chance of landing Weaver. Weaver took an unofficial visit to both schools, but took an official visit on 01/28/2017 to come to Louisville. Despite what the Crystal Ball is predicting, it’s a very good sign that Weaver is using one of his OV’s to come back to campus.

Offers: Louisville, Oregon, Baylor, Florida, UNLV, and Missouri.

Schools showing interest: Arizona State.

Campus visit: Took an unofficial visit on 10/22/2016 and 12/21/2016.

Recruited by: Mike Balado.

Always a good sign when a recruit will visit campus twice on his own dime, especially when the distance is as far as Florida. From the looks of things, it’s just a matter of time until he commits to the Cardinals.

Offers: Connecticut, Louisville, Boston College, Fairfield, UMass, Providence, Rhode Island, Rutgers, Temple, VCU, Syracuse, Villanova, and Virginia Tech.

Schools showing interest: Maryland, Virginia, Northwestern, and Xavier.

Campus visit: None.

Recruited by: Kenny Johnson.

This is basically UConn’s recruitment to lose. The Huskies were the first to offer him, and he’s taken two unofficial visits to their campus. Worth noting that he has taken three unofficial visits to Providence, but it really just comes down to Connecticut.



No one is currently committed in the 2019 class thus far.


Offers: Kansas, Louisville, Minnesota, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Iowa State, Nebraska, Ohio State, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Xavier.

Schools showing interest: Duke and Kentucky.

Campus Visit: None.

One of the top targets in the 2019 class has quite the impressive list of offers for still being just 16 years old. It’s still incredibly early in his recruitment to really get a good grasp on which way he is leaning. He’s visited Minnesota four times since September of 2016, but that probably has more to do with the proximity of the school than any real interest. Or Richard could be working on landing the biggest recruit of his short head coaching career thus far.