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Recap: Louisville Takes Down Virginia

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Hard to believe we've already reached the final home game of the regular season.  Seems like just yesterday I was checking the roster every 2 seconds trying to learn all the names of the new players.  It's been an unusual year in many ways, and tonight would be no different.

During a recent game we were talking about how the one player Coach Walz never seems to get angry with is Mariya Moore.  So it was a surprise when she was in her sweats pre-game.  She was joined by Briahanna Jackson who has been sidelined with back spasms.  However, after the game it seems both players were out because of discipline reasons.

After the game Coach went on a cryptic rant about how players needed to be careful about the pictures they post on social media because it reflects upon everybody in the program. Maybe there is a correlation between that speech and this decision?  Of course he also said that Briahanna was similar to Angel in the effort that she gives which is probably why her back is still sore.  He added that he doesn't want her back at half speed so he's waiting until she's totally healthy to reinsert her into the lineup.  Make of all that what you will.

Given the change in the starting line-up things started slowly.  At the end of the first quarter the score was only 11-8.  Usually Sam Fuehring subs in for Myisha Hines-Allen but tonight the two played a lot together, and it seemed to be good combination.  Coach Walz said that Sam had practiced well the last few days and was "quite impressive" tonight.  She had a fantastic assist to sharpshooter Sydney Zambrotta in the 4th quarter that got the crowd (including the members of the MBB team in attendance) to its feet.

As is often the case Asia Durr was the leading scorer with 24 points.  Myisha nearly equalled that with 21 points as well as adding 8 rebounds.  The final score was 66-55.

Aside from the victory the most exciting part of the night was during halftime when student Justin Logsdon made a layup, a 3 pointer, and a midcourt shot in 30 seconds to win $38,000!!!  Congratulations, Justin.

The final game of the regular season is at Wake Forest on Sunday at 2PM.  It can be seen on ACCN Extra.