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A day at the ballpark with TBG

Louisville Slugger New York Mets World Series Bats Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

What’s good everybody? It’s been a while since I posted on CC because I’ve been busy bouncing all over the place but today’s events seem as good a time as any to get back on it.

If you’re like me you woke up with a foreign sense of optimism for a Wednesday and that’s because it’s Tar Heel night. Wednesday’s are terrible and second only to Mondays in terms of the fact we are all just working for the weekend. Problem with excitement though is it morphs into impatience so I figured I would hit up Patterson Stadium for baseball teams home opener.

It’s February and it’s 70 degrees outside, lets drink cheap beers and pregame. The rare days where you can tailgate for a UofL event at another UofL sporting event are like getting a pack of Starbursts with all red ones, it’s winning at its highest form even if the teams don’t. Oh, by the way we won, we won big, I left when it was 15-3.

I admittedly don’t attend enough baseball games but I thought all games served dollar beers. It’s perfectly reasonable this was never the case I just never attended any games that weren’t. As disappointed as I was I am soundly convinced the guys out there with perm-mullets were far more salty because let’s be honest if you have a perm-mullet dollar beers sustain you. I learned via twitter one of the guys goes by “Dirty Jesus”, I love Louisville.

It’s the best time of year to live in this state and the weathers beautiful so let’s finish the regular schedule strong, get the double bye, invade Brooklyn, cut the Barclay Center nets, get a one seed, and run through the tournament as the good Lord intended and Go Cards and Go Krogering.