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Tony Hicks will likely miss two more weeks

An X-ray done on Friday for Louisville’s back-up point guard reveals that Tony’s hand isn’t quite healing as fast as hoped.

NCAA Basketball: Evansville at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville will be without its back-up point guard for what will likely be another two more weeks.

An X-ray on Friday revealed that while Tony’s hand is healing (suffered a broken bone in his hand during Louisville’s glorified exhibition victory over Pitt), it isn’t healing as fast as the team was hoping.

"We thought he'd be back Monday," Pitino said. "We're a little disappointed in that news."

This is some pretty disappointing news, especially since there was some hope from Pitino that the Penn grad transfer would be able to make his return in tomorrow’s game against the Hokies.

As mentioned a few days ago from Pitino, the Cards would like to put Tony through three practices before entering him in a game (similar to what they did with Quentin when bringing him back). If Tony does come back in two weeks (let’s just say that’ll be March 3rd), it’ll be the Friday before Louisville’s regular season finale at home against Notre Dame. I would assume he’d be put through practice that following week, so there is a chance he could come back and get the Cards back to full strength entering post-season play.

It’s never fun to have any guy on the team hurt, but I’m completely ok with watching Ryan McMahon fearlessly shoot NBA-caliber three-point shots.

Did you know that McMahon was guided to the Cards by Dick Vitale, and that Vitale views McMahon as family?