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Thursday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Shoutout to my man Carson Wright, who clearly reads at a graduate school level.

I_medium The Louisville women's basketball team wants you to wear pink to Sunday's showdown against North Carolina.

I_medium The U of L baseball team is headed to Clearwater to kick off its 2017 season this weekend. Here's a preview.

I_medium In one of the worst decisions in university history, Bellarmine has asked me to be the basketball team's honorary captain for its 8 p.m. game tonight at Knights Hall. I have to give a speech to the team before the game, and I'm leaning towards either plagiarizing Scar's "Be Prepared" spiel from The Lion King or throwing some stools and doing that Bobby Knight halftime tirade that was secretly recorded. Either way, if they lose I'm not allowed to show my face on campus ever again.

If you can't make it to Knight's Hall tonight, then make it out Saturday. The team is fantastic and they play a brand of basketball that is incredibly entertaining to watch.

I_medium Louisville is No. 7 in Gary Parrish's daily rankings for CBS.

I_medium I already loved Justin Thomas before, but this takes him to a totally different level.

Anchor: "You're a Kentucky guy, you went to school 'Bama; so who's your basketball team?"

JT: "Louisville. I'm from Louisville."

Also, he's won four times on Tour, dude.

I_medium Former Tennessee running back Jalen Hurd is visiting Louisville this weekend.

I_medium Sports Illustrated has a cool behind the scenes look at what a weekend for Villanova star Josh Hart is like.

I_medium You know what else would be a non-traditional hire, DePaul?

I_medium Hey, Larry Eustachy's in the middle of a negative headline again.

I_medium Louisville is No. 6 in Luke Winn's latest power rankings for Sports Illustrated.



RECORD: 21-€”5

Point guard Quentin Snider is back in Louisville's starting lineup following a six-game absence with a sore hip flexor. Although the Cardinals are 2-€”0 since his return, they were a more efficient team in ACC play—especially on offense—without him. Here are the updated splits, adjusted for competition and location:

Next up: 2/18 vs. Virginia Tech, 2/22 at North Carolina

I_mediumGabe Duverge over at The Cardinal Connect says Rick Pitino is painting another Cardinal masterpiece.

I_medium In one year, Brandon Roy took a Seattle high school from a three-win club to the No. 1 team in the country. Still got housed by Louisville in the 2005 Sweet 16 though.

I_medium Caleb Swanigan's story has been told before, but never as well as it is in this video.

I_medium To no one's surprise, Brendan McKay has been named to the preseason watch list for the Golden Spikes Award.

I_medium Tom Crean's replacement at Indiana? The people have spoken and they want Wario.

I_medium Oh?

I have a hard time believing the Zags would win the tournament one out of every four times it was played, but still, cool.

I_medium The college football rules committee is considering a much-needed change to the targeting rule.

I_medium Louisville is a No. 2 seed in the Midwest in Joe Lunardi's latest Bracketology.

I_medium Rivals catches up with Peyton Siva.

What's the next step for you in your career?

Peyton Siva: The next step is to get another shot at playing in the NBA. If not, playing for a top team in Europe.

How much have you been able to keep up with the Louisville Cardinals this season? Does the team remind you, or compare to your national championship team?

Peyton Siva: I've been able to catch a couple of games. They have a really special team. I think this team has a lot more length than our team, but our team pressed a lot more on the defensive end. These guys seem to block a lot more shots. I think they are very special and are led by a terrific point guard in Q (Quentin Snider).

What do you think of the job Quentin Snider has done being the team's point guard?

Peyton Siva: I'm a big fan of Q. He's a really great shooter and knows how to run a team. To me he's the most important piece to this team. Also, D. Mitchell is a great piece to have.

I_medium All four of U of L's 2017 signees will be playing in the Derby Classic this spring.

I_medium A dog was abandoned at a gas station in Brazil, and the workers there took him in and made him a full-time employee.

I_medium As much as I try, I just can't stop laughing at this picture and I'm not entirely sure why.

I think it's just the complete commitment to the character that this brat of an 8-year-old had. I mean that is a real deal clown outfit.

I_medium Donovan Mitchell is a member of the "next 10" list on CBS' Player of the Year watch.

I_medium Bruce Feldman's behind the scenes look at National Signing Day with Ed Orgeron and LSU is fascinating.

I_medium And finally, R&R is on from 3-6 today talking about Louisville gearing up for what should be a memorable stretch run. You can listen here.