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Louisville is selection committee’s current No. 7 overall team

I’ll take the seed. Would prefer a different bracket.

NCAA Men's Final Four - Previews Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

For the first time ever, college basketball fans have an idea of what the NCAA tournament selection committee is thinking before Selection Sunday. Committee chair Mark Hollis appeared on CBS Saturday afternoon for the debut of the “NCAA March Madness Bracket Preview” show, which unveiled the committee's top 16 overall teams at the current time.

We now know that Louisville is the committee’s current overall No. 7 team, a distinction which would make them the No. 2 seed in a loaded East Region that also features overall No. 1 seed Villanova, Kentucky and UCLA. Those four teams going to the Garden would be cool for basketball fans, but not so cool for fans of those teams who would like to see them play their way to the Final Four.

Here’s what the top 16 looks like today according to the committee:

No DePaul is a joke imo.

Any way, I enjoy the exercise and it’s nice to know that Louisville’s computer numbers and SOS are being properly taken into account by the committee, but let’s remember that these rankings are all going to be blown to sh-t over the course of the next 10 hours or so. Still ... kinda fun.