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David Padgett previews Siena

The Cards and Saints tip-off at 7 Wednesday night.

Southern Illinois v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images


—Team is anxious to get back onto the court and get this losing taste out of their mouths.

—We’re in the midst of a tough stretch where we have to play four games in eight days, but we’re ready to get back out there after losing the first one. We’ve had a really good couple days of practice.

—The defense has been pretty good overall this season, but we’re working on our offensive spacing and a few other offensive issues that we’ve identified.

—We haven’t played up to our potential. That’s not to take anything away from Purdue or Seton Hall, but we’ve hurt ourselves a lot. We have an opportunity to correct a lot of things and become the team we think we can be.

—We’ve been working with our post guys on not rushing. We’ve got to get the ball inside a little bit more than we did the other night.

—The things that Dwayne Sutton’s been doing are things we saw from him all last year. He’s a really tough kid and a really hard worker, and he’s really improved his jump shot. He can play four different positions for us, which makes him very, very valuable.

—Don’t want to put a timeframe on Ryan McMahon’s return. He went through individuals today. We think he might be ready to get back to contact drills at the end of the week. We don’t want to push it too hard, but we’re getting closer. His shot definitely hasn’t missed a beat.

—Siena’s had a couple close ones on the road and they’re coming off a good win over Robert Morris. Jimmy (Patsos) is a great coach who’s won everywhere he’s been. They have some scorers so we need to do a great job defensively and have an aggressive mindset on both ends of the court. We need to get it going right away so we don’t get behind and start playing tight.

—Deng and V.J. are great open court players so we want them to get out and run, but Seton Hall’s a great back-tipping team and that resulted in a few of the turnovers on Sunday. I have all the confidence in the world in our guys getting that corrected.

—The turnover thing is a fine line. Obviously you want to address it and get it corrected, but you don’t want to harp on it so much that it becomes mental and our guys start playing not too make a mistake instead of playing to do something well. Our guys are smart. They see what happened Sunday. They’ll correct it.

—Lamar Jackson’s the best player in college football, so he should win the Heisman. I don’t think we’ll see anyone like him here ever again.

—I’ve been texting with Donovan Mitchell quite a bit. He’s one of the best kids we’ve ever had here. I always make fun of him about putting pictures of himself on Instagram and then using the hashtag “be humble.” He’s doing an amazing job so far at the next level. He texted me the last night and said he watched the game and said “you guys are right there.”

Here’s the full video: