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Book signing for 100 Things Louisville on Saturday, Dec. 23

One last signing.

Since they ran out of books the last time we did this, we’re doing one last pre-Christmas book signing tomorrow (Saturday, Dec. 23) from 10 a.m.-noon at the Barnes & Noble in the Paddock Shops (formerly The Summit). The full address is 4100 Summit Plaza.

I went back there last week to sign copies for the people who gave their names after they ran out last time, and they showed me several boxes of re-stocked copies so the same thing won’t happen again.

For those who have asked, if you already own a copy, you don’t need to purchase another one at the store. You can just show up with the one you already bought and no one is going to try and fight you.

Again, if you want me to sign something ridiculous, I will. If you want to just show up and talk about Keonta Vernon, that’s ok too. If you needed a last second Christmas gift and picked up the book without having any idea what Card Chronicle was but are now researching it to see what the hell you just bought, it was great to meet you.

Hope to see some more of you guys tomorrow.