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Tuesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

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Rhett has never experienced a road basketball game so he’s spending the whole day getting his mind right.

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—Spread check: Purdue by 8.

—Louisville has been a 6+ point underdog just seven times since 2011. They lost all seven of those games.

—Health issues have forced Kentucky Wesleyan head coach Happy Osborne to resign. The Panthers played Louisville in an exhibition game last month. Here’s hoping the best for Coach Osborne.

—Former Cardinal great Amobi Okoye writes about his health issues of the past four years.

The nurse is telling me it’s August 7, and I don’t believe her.

“What are you talking about? It’s like … March.”

We’re going back and forth — kind of arguing, but not really. I have a headache and I don’t know why. I also don’t know why this nurse is checking me out in the first place. I don’t even know what hospital I’m at, or how I got to here.

But I know what day it is.

It’s March 15. I had worked out that morning, then I went to my office in Houston and met up with my best friend, Malik, and my dad. We discussed our upcoming trip to Nigeria — a trip we take every summer for my nonprofit. And since we haven’t gone to Nigeria yet, I know for sure it’s not August.

I’m telling you: It’s March 15.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Okoye, but it’s actually August 7.”

I look around the room at my mom, my dad and my brother.

“C’mon, guys. It’s March 15. Tell her.”

Nobody says anything. They just turn and look at each other.

I don’t know why everybody is messing with me, but I decide to put a stop to it. So I reach over, grab my phone and click the button to turn on the lock screen. It lights up and I see the date.

August 7, 2013.


My head hurts.

And I have no idea what’s happening.

—Now Amobi is back and ready to play football again, he just needs a team to give him a shot.

—Lamar Jackson has been named the ACC Offensive Back of the Week for a second straight time.

—V.J. and Jordan love the kids.

—If you’re looking to get some early Christmas shopping done, 100 Things Louisville is still 21 percent off today on Amazon.

—Shoutout to the U of L managers on moving to 2-0 on the young season with a road win over Purdue.

—Edgar Sosa continues to tear it up overseas.

—You can vote Lamar Jackson for Heisman here.

—Mark Story of the Lexington Herald-Leader writes that it feels like Mark Stoops and Kentucky football are back at a tipping point.

—I agree with Carson.

—Tickets for Friday’s Elite 8 showdown against Akron at Lynn Stadium are now on sale.

—Our friends over at Hammer and Rails preview tonight’s game and like the Boilermakers by six.

This is your typical Louisville team that is very athletic. They are loaded with blue-chip recruits, but Purdue is playing at home. Mackey Arena has been a fortress for this senior class, and it needs to be again for Purdue to take home a quality win and help erase the damage from the Bahamas. Louisville is only shooting 33% from three as a team and 46.4% from the field. They are rebounding well, but how much of that has come because of the competition they played.

Let us hope that Friday was a wake-up call and good Purdue, the one that handled Arizona with ease, is back. There is no question that Purdue had a letdown against Western Kentucky after Tennessee played with more effort. It seems we got over it though. We need this win badly to erase the Western Kentucky loss, and a victory will go a long way towards securing a top 3 seed in March. Despite falling out of the top 25 Purdue is still ranked 12th in the KenPom, which is 3 seed territory. Staying around that area is far more important for seeding, and winning this game would help.

Purdue 82, Louisville 76

—Against the Grain is expanding.

—Former U of L assistant Reggie Theus is coaching his son Reggie Theus Jr. this season.

—This is pretty unreal.

We have been remarkably blessed at the most important position on the field.

—After 42 years at U of L, veteran administrator Kevin Miller announced yesterday that he’ll be retiring in January. He’ll join us on this afternoon’s R&R to discuss his favorite Cardinal memories.

—Dani Busboom Kelly has done work in her first season as U of L volleyball coach.

—The hate has been so strong this year.

—Here’s U of L’s preview of tonight’s game against Purdue.

—Brian Bowen’s attorney speaks out on U of L’s decision not to seek reinstatement for the player.

“At this time we are not commenting on Brian’s situation other than to say: Brian fully cooperated with the institution and it is our position that there is overwhelming evidence in support of our contention that Brian did not participate in any of the alleged schemes nor did he have any knowledge their purported existence. Therefore, Brian is very disappointed with UL’s decision not to seek reinstatement on his behalf; and we continue to have the utmost confidence in the NCAA and their enforcement personnel and Brian looks forward to pursuing his lifelong dream of playing college basketball at another NCAA member institution.”

—Congrats to U of L volleyballer Molly Sauer on being named ACC Defensive Player of the Year. Teammate Wilma Rivera was named the league’s Setter of the Year.

—Still not old yet.

—The ACC kicked off the ACC-Big 10 Challenge with a pair of wins last night. Included in that was a 49-37 Virginia win over Wisconsin which couldn’t have ended with any final score other than 49-37.

—It looks like Purdue is going with a Blackout theme tonight.

—Purdue needs to quickly apply the lessons it learned at the Battle 4 Atlantis in order to prevail Tuesday night.

—And finally, go Cards, beat Purdue.