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Louisville Football Recruiting Outlook: Running Back

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Louisville’s big backfield will get an injection of speed next year.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Disclaimer: The depth chart as well as position changes are just my guess or what I would like to see. There’s no way to know how these things will shake out.


Jeremy Smith

Trey Smith

Harry Trotter

Dae Williams

Colin Wilson


Javian Hawkins

Louisville seems to be looking for another running back for the class but for now Hawkins is the only true running back they have. Louisville has been in search for more speed on offense since Charlie Strong arrived on campus and Hawkins is the first player they’ve landed that has true big time speed. Hawkins isn’t as highly rated as one would like and doesn’t have a great offer list but I think he is somewhat underrated. The questions with Hawkins are about his size as well as his lateral quickness and ability to make people miss. He might just be a guy with great straight line speed.


Andrew Cunningham

Louisville just landed Hasaan Hall but it sounds like he is hoping to play defense and it would be a little weird for him to flip if he wasn’t told that would be the case. I think that the Cards are still in the market for a running back and Cunningham could be the guy. He’s a big back with solid speed and that fits the mold that these coaches seem to love.

Kristian Pechac

Toledo seems to be the popular pick for Pechac but at one point UK and UofL have held that distinction. I really like the way this kid runs and would like UofL to get him but I think the tea leaves are showing that he wants to stay close to home. I would imagine that if Louisville plans to play Hall at safety that Pechac would be a guy they would focus in on.


Dae Williams

Colin Wilson

Trey Smith


So first off, I don’t think that Jeremy Smith will come back to Louisville next year. I believe that Smith has already graduated and he should be able to transfer anywhere that he wants. I just don’t see him getting carries ahead of Williams or Wilson. Williams should be fully healthy going into next year and I think he and Wilson will share caries with Williams being the “starter”. I think both of these guys have shown some real promise and seem to have the traits you like to see in this offense. Blocking and some of the other little things are still a concern but the ability to tote the rock looks to be there.

My hope for Hawkins is that they utilize him in an “offensive weapon” type of role where he can have specific plays that utilize his speed and ability to catch the football. Bubble screens, jet sweeps, and things of that nature would be nice to see. However, we’ve been looking for that for years and it hasn’t happened.