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Louisville Football Recruiting Outlook: Quarterback

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A new era will begin under center for Louisville football.

NCAA Football: Murray State at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Disclaimer: The depth chart as well as position changes are just my guess or what I would like to see. There’s no way to know how these things will shake out.


Jawon Pass

Malik Cunningham


Jordan Travis

Travis is the lone quarterback in Louisville’s class and he’s another dual threat guy in the mold of the others on the roster. Travis impressed me a lot with his throwing ability in his junior year film but he’s been more of a runner this season. He has really good open field running ability and I honestly think his throwing ability is further ahead than Cunningham or Pass when they were in high school.


Gerry Bohanon

Bohanon is a 4 star dual threat guy that is somewhat hard to get a read on. He’s from Arkansas but he’s from an area that is kind of like southern Indiana where you could practically be from either state. Coaching uncertainty seems to be a factor with him so I think he ends up at Baylor as predicted.

James Foster

Louisville is in the mix for Missouri decommit James Foster. He’s a dual threat quarterback that is more of a pocket guy than most, in my opinion. He immediately scheduled a visit to LSU after he backed away from the Tigers. I don’t know where he will end up, but I don’t see UofL as a real option over LSU and Alabama.


Jawon Pass

Malik Cunningham


Louisville will obviously have a drop off at quarterback without Lamar Jackson but the jury is still out on just how big it will be. Pass looked very good against Kent State and Murray State this season but neither of those games gave us a true look at him. Open practices have been rough on Pass. Again, they don’t show us much but it is the only extended time we have and he has struggled with accuracy and interceptions in those practices. His running ability is also a big question mark as of now. He’s obviously not Lamar so the read option aspects of the offense might not be as effective. He also doesn’t have the scrambling ability when things break down.

Going into 2018 we won’t truly know what to expect from the quarterback spot but I do think they will be better than most would be in the same situation. Pass has two full years in the offense and he has obvious physical tools to work with. Mailik Cunningham should also push him if he hasn’t progressed the way the coaches expected.