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Wednesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

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Brody has decided that he’s bringing a fresh attitude into November. Let’s all be Brody.

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—Bye week spread check: Waiting for Board of Trustees meeting updates by 34,000.

—And now we enter the “Card Chronicle does Halloween” portion of news and notes ...

Well done, everyone.

—The first CFP rankings came out Tuesday night, which was a lot cooler a year ago.

—Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim says the firings of Tom Jurich and Rick Pitino are “sickening.”

Boeheim said he has texted Pitino “quite a bit,” and noted their wives have talked every day.

“It’s a very difficult situation,” Boeheim said. “He’s a guy who lives to coach. We all like to coach, he lives to coach. It will be very difficult for him not coaching. . . . if they said we are not going to pay you to coach this year, he would be coaching those kids.”

Boeheim said he didn’t know if Pitino would coach again and then lashed into the current Louisville administration for the way they have dealt with the firing of Pitino and athletic director Tom Jurich.

“We all know their tolerance was up and this was it,” Boeheim said. “They didn’t think about it. There was no thought process with this. I’m a little disappointed in some of the things that have come out of there.

“. . . What has (Pitino) done at Louisville, what has Tom Jurich done at Louisville? Now all of a sudden they’re like bad guys? To me that is sickening. It makes me sick to read the comments that have come out of there. Do you know where Louisville would be without Tom Jurich? They would be playing their games at Freedom Hall. They would be playing football wherever the hell they were playing. And now he’s a bad guy?”

—Tickets for Sunday’s ACC tournament game at Lynn Stadium are on sale.

—Paul Johnson remains the greatest.

—Another day, another prominent Louisville figure getting skewered nationally. This time it’s the papa himself.

—Shoutout to the U of L men’s golf team for putting together the best performance in school history at the Warrior Princeville Invitational. That sounds like a made up video game tournament title, but I can promise you that it is not.

—Matz Stockman is focused on having a successful end of his college career at Minnesota, but he’s still close with his former teammates at Louisville.

“I try to talk to them almost every day,” Stockman, a 7-foot senior from Norway, said. “At first they were shocked. They didn’t know whether the player being suspended (Brian Bowen), if he was going to stay or had to leave, (and) who was going to be staying on the coaching staff. Now they’re back to playing basketball and having fun.”

In 2016, Stockman was part of the Louisville program that was banned from the postseason after the university self-imposed punishment following an escort sex scandal involving recruits. He said the Cardinals players are likely dealing with this situation the same way they did previously.

“We went through the whole (sex) scandal together,” he said. “I remember when that was going on we talked about this really sucks. But all we did was kept focusing on basketball. It didn’t really put us down too much. We just kept playing basketball and we had a good season.”

Stockman transferred this summer to hopefully get more playing opportunity with Pitino's son, Richard, at Minnesota. He’ll sit out the 2017-18 season, but Stockman will likely compete with 2018 recruit Daniel Oturu and redshirt sophomore Eric Curry for playing time at center next year.

“This year I’m going to get closer to my teammates,” Stockman said. “I’ll learn the playing style and adapt to that, because I know the playing style from Minnesota and Louisville are very different. When the season comes next year, I’ll be ready.”

—The World Series has been phenomenal, and tonight we get the game 7 that the series deserves.

—Eric Crawford says Bellarmine basketball matters now more than ever in this city.

The Knights play an exhibition in Freedom Hall tonight against Mick Cronin’s Cincinnati Bearcats. Davenport had to pull a lot of strings to make the game happen. Normally, D-1 teams aren’t allowed to play road exhibitions.

At $20 for the most expensive seat, $5 for the least expensive, and rare free parking at the Fairgrounds, there’s no reason the game shouldn’t draw at least 10,000 people, if this community values the sport the way it has historically. Whether it does, I can’t say.

“We need this community,” Davenport said. “We’ve got over 11,000 tickets at $5 with free parking. The most expensive tickets are $20 and that gets you courtside with a cash bar and live entertainment pregame. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve sold it that we can get 10,000 or 12,000 of the greatest college basketball fans in the country to come out. I’m hoping for a huge walk-up. We want teams to come and families to come, and let’s bring this community together through the game of college basketball. Let’s use basketball.”

To follow Bellarmine is to follow a group of guys who are in school because they want to get ready for their careers, not for a career in pro basketball. Davenport let one of his key players miss Saturday road games one season because he had a lab back on campus he couldn’t miss.

He is constantly looking for ways to make his program a community asset. And he is constantly finding them. Tonight, the Knights will wear special shooting jerseys during warm-ups. They don’t feature the names of the players on the back. They will have names you don’t recognize. They are the names of children who suffer from cancer.

Afterward, players will present those jerseys to the kids, who will be in attendance at the game.

—Four U of L field hockey players earned All-ACC honors on Wednesday. The Cards will host Syracuse Thursday at 4 p.m. at Trager Stadium in the quarterfinals of the ACC tournament.

—Ken Pomeroy has a really good read on how much a growth spurt or two can help a college basketball team.

—This is pretty cool.

—Asia Durr is one of six collegiate players who will participate in Women's Basketball National Media Day on Thursday, an event hosted by the NCAA and ESPN.

—With its credibility at stake, the NCAA is basically being forced to watch from the sidelines as the FBI investigates college basketball.

—The official logo for next year’s Breeder’s Cup at Churchill was released Tuesday.

—The AP previews the 2017-18 Louisville men’s basketball team.

—Todd Gurley showed some love for childhood friend Montrezl Harrell Tuesday night.

—Louisville is a three seed in the first bracket projection from Sports Illustrated. Don’t hate the overall draw but Devin Sibley is really good. Time to start scouting.

—And finally, R&R is on from 3-6 this afternoon on 790-KRD. I will spend two and a half hours on the second season of Stranger Things and 30 minutes on Jerry Smith’s buzzer beater against Marquette. You can listen here.