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Louisville fails to answer the bell, falls 39-25 at NC State

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The week from hell continues.

NCAA Football: Louisville at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time this season, the Louisville football team faced a tough test and fell woefully short of passing. The 17th-ranked Cardinals allowed No. 24 NC State to rack up 520 yards in a 39-25 defeat Thursday night at Carter-Finley Stadium.

The loss dropped U of L to 1-9 against top 25 opponents since Bobby Petrino returned to the program in 2014. It was also Louisville’s first loss to an Atlantic Division opponent not named Florida State or Clemson since the Cardinals joined the ACC.

Look, we knew after the Clemson game that this team probably isn’t great. The concern now is whether or not this team is even good.

They’ve trailed in the fourth quarter against two teams that probably won’t play in a bowl, they’ve beaten up on two teams that 11 of us would beat up on, and they’ve lost by a combined 35 points to the only legitimate top 25 competition they’ve faced. The defense doesn’t tackle or cover well, the traditional run-game is still non-existent, and the best offense half the time seems to be when Lamar is running for his life. Which is often.

I suppose the pieces are there for this team to sweep the second half of the season and turn 2017 into a positive, but what have we seen so far that would lead us to believe that this is going to happen?

This hasn’t been a fun week, and tonight certainly didn’t help. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Here’s your final box score: