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Tuesday morning Cardinal news and notes

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Eat it, FSU.

—Spread check: Louisville by 3.

—Tomahawk Nation takes an advanced look at the box score from Saturday and says Florida State was lucky to even be in the game with Louisville.

—The U of L women’s basketball tip-off luncheon featured an awkward moment where interim AD Vince Tyra mentioned interim president Greg Postel and was met with a mixture of applause and boos. Eric Crawford recaps the event.

—Any college hoops coach who tells you he’s shocked by the FBI’s findings is probably lying.

Eight coaches talked for this column. Three head college coaches, three assistants and two more from AAU programs. None expressed a drop of shock at hearing about payments from shoe companies to push recruits to specific schools.

“Oh, God no,” said one coach.

“We use these kids and pump them up to gain benefit for the university or NCAA, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone when a parent or middle man wants a piece of the pie,” said another.

“They’re acting like they uncovered a mystery,” a third coach said of the FBI. “I read it and I’m like, ‘Are you (expletive) kidding me? That’s all they got?’”

—The S&P rankings rank all 130 teams in college football. Louisville sits at No. 28.

—Mike Balado performed in a wrestling match over the weekend, and looks like a legit professional wrestler.

—Reags over at Barstool Sports previews the 2017-18 season in the ACC.

—The top returning player for the reigning national champions might miss the start of the 2017-18 season.

—ESPN’s preseason college hoops All-Americans feature five players from the ACC.

—The U of L field hockey team will be the No. 3 seed at this week’s ACC tournament.

—Tennessee is an underdog this weekend at Kentucky. If Butch Jones doesn’t pull the upset, he’s probably going to be fired. #RivalryWeekend

—Love this guy.

—Part II:

—CBS says Louisville is one of the hardest 12 teams to gauge in college basketball this season.

—Although most were already aware, Miami head coach Jim Larranaga has revealed that his legal team has concluded that he is “Coach 3” in the FBI complaint.

I am grateful we have come to that conclusion,” said Larranaga, “as I know I did nothing wrong, and it is comforting to know none of my assistants are connected in any way.” He added that the U.S. Attorney’s office has not confirmed the identity of ‘Coach-3.’

Larranaga uncharacteristically read from a prepared statement that revealed the above. He took questions afterward about the emotional impact, but referred all inquiries about the investigation to his statement, which said he appreciated that the media had a job to do, but that he would not offer comment.

He referred to that statement three times.

“I cannot state more emphatically that I absolutely have no knowledge of any wrongdoing by any member of our staff and I certainly have never engaged in the conduct that some have speculated about,” Larranaga said, holding a piece of paper with both hands.

“I have tried to live every single one of my 68 years on this earth with integrity, character, and humility. … To have those values that I cherish so dearly even questioned, is disheartening and disappointing.”

‘Coach-3,’ in the FBI report, was said to know about an Adidas executive and others conspiring to funnel some $150,000 to a 2018 recruit, later learned to be Orland0-based five-star wing Nassir Little. Little and his father signed statements, provided to The Post by Larranaga’s legal team, saying they and Miami did nothing wrong.

—Good read from Kelly Dickey on what was supposed to be Tom Jurich’s 20th anniversary at U of L.

—Happy Cardinal pumpkin season.

—Jeff Greer attempts to answer 10 pressing questions for the 2017-18 Louisville basketball. I’m not going to read it and just assume he did a poor job.

—This profile on Mo Bamba from The Athletic is not a short read, but it’s very good.

—The U of L men’s soccer team saw its nine-game unbeaten streak come to a close with a loss to NC State on senior night.

—Solid work, Anthony.

—Single game tickets for U of L women’s basketball are now available.

—A Louisville sailor “lost” at Pearl Harbor has been identified after nearly 76 years.

—This is one of the most athletic plays I’ve ever seen in any sport.

— begins its previewing of the Wake Wake Forest game.

—The Louisville volleyball team moved to 8-2 in the ACC by taking down Florida State on Sunday.

—I don’t care what they’re ranked, Duke basketball remains so, so awkward.

—And finally, some takeaways from Bobby Petrino’s Monday presser.