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Monday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Jackson Stark says that if leukemia hasn’t been able to bring him down, then negative sports news definitely shouldn’t be enough to bring the rest of us down. Keep fighting, my man.

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—Spread check: Louisville by 4.

—Rick Pitino spoke with Jeff Greer on Sunday and said, among other things, that he’s selling his house in Louisville, moving to Miami, and will be vindicated when all is said and done.

Embattled and suspended Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino maintained his innocence on Sunday in a conversation with the Courier-Journal, saying he "will be vindicated" in the coming months.

"Right now it’s in the lawyers’ hands," Pitino said in a brief phone interview. "I went to Miami. I’m selling my house (in Louisville). I love David Padgett. I love the boys. I hope they win the national championship. I’m not doing anything but laying low."


Asked if he is the "Coach 2" listed in the FBI's criminal complaint released Tuesday, as a law enforcement source confirmed to the USA TODAY Network and the Courier-Journal, Pitino said it "doesn't matter if I am or not."

Pitino said he has "(zero) to do with any of it and I’ll be vindicated."

—If you missed it yesterday, an anonymous parent of a former Louisville basketball player went to the New York Post to talk about how he was once offered $100,000 from a rival of U of L’s. Reading between the lines, it’s fairly apparent that the player here is Donovan Mitchell. I have a guess about the rival school, but don’t feel confident enough to say it here.

—Brian Bowen has hired an attorney, is still on campus, and is seeking reinstatement.

—The Wall-Street Journal takes an inside look at the man who started college basketball’s armageddon.

—The David Padgett era is underway.

—The great Charles Pierce writes that the current college basketball scandal wreaks of prosecutorial overreach.

—Six head college hoops coaches anonymously spoke with Jeff Goodman about the pros and cons of taking the Louisville job right now. The whole thing is a very interesting read.

Final answer ...

Would a coach take the job if asked? The answers are mixed.

What coaches are saying?

"I can see some people taking it because it's a top-10 job with all the elements and ingredients, but there's no way I would take it right now. There's a lot attractive about it, but at the stage of my career it's not the right move for me."

"You have to take it. The money and the long-term potential is too much to pass up."

"I'm young enough, so I'd have to do it. I'd never even sniff a job like this in a normal situation."

"I don't want to go and deal with that mess. I'm in my 50s, and I love where I'm at now. I'm not saying I wouldn't be tempted by the money and might not ultimately go, but I doubt I'd take it."

"I wouldn't take it right now. Too many questions, and I can't give up a good thing for a risk like that."

"I'd be tempted, that's for sure. They are going to offer a ton of money and it's a great job, but it's not a great job right now."

—There are great decisions, and then there’s the decision Donovan Mitchell made last spring.

Go get ‘em, kid.

—Sports Illustrated writes about Rick Pitino’s altered legacy.

—Shoutout to the U of L men’s golf team for winning The Louisville Cardinal Challenge.

—Starter jackets ruled the ‘90s more than VCRs, Clinton and boy bands.

—Congrats to former Louisville lacrosse star Kaylin Morissette on becoming a No. 1 draft pick.

—Through four weeks, Mekhi Becton was the top performing freshman in the country according to Pro Football Focus.

—Backing the Pack asks the question everyone in the ACC is sort of wondering right now: Is NC State good? Louisville hopes to answer in the negative Thursday night.

—Dennis Berman of the WSJ writes about the pain of being a lifelong Louisville basketball fan at rock bottom right now.

—Gorgui Dieng says Louisville’s current issues don’t diminish the accomplishments of his Cardinal teams.

—Michael Beasley has never tried to mince words.

—Congrats to Louisvillian Justin Thomas on being named the PGA of America Player of the Year.

—Reports say Teddy Bridgewater will be “good to go” once he comes off the physically unable to perform list.

—Duke and North Carolina aren’t bringing players to ACC media days this year, and the reason is because of a stupid NCAA rule.

—I beg of you: please don’t let any of this current bullshit overshadow just how lucky we are to have Lamar Jackson. He’s probably going to be gone very soon. Enjoy him.

—U of L interim president Greg Postel announced today that they will name an interim athletic director tomorrow. All signs point to Vince Tyra, Charlie’s son.

—Eric Crawford writes a really good open letter to Louisville basketball fans.

—NC State will be wearing “Black Howl” uniforms for Thursday night’s game. They look pretty cool.

—You’ll have to pay if you want to read it, but C.L. Brown’s first piece for The Athletic focuses on the new era ahead for Louisville basketball.

—Myron Medcalf has spent the past several days in Louisville and writes about the week that changed everything for Cardinal basketball.

—And finally, it’s day one of the new Ramsey & Rutherford from 3-6 on 790-KRD. David Padgett and Bobby Petrino will both join the show. You can listen live here.