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Tom Jurich’s attorney releases 42-page letter to UofL Board of Trustees

The struggle continues.

Louisville Cardinals NCAA Basketball Celebration Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The great U of L War of 2017 continued Monday with, among other things, the attorney for Tom Jurich releasing a 42-page letter she wrote to the U of L Board of Trustees.

The letter is lengthy (again, 42 pages), but here are the key points:

—Jurich wants to come back.

—The notion that Jurich didn’t consult Dr. Postel or anyone else of authority at U of L before he signed the new deal with adidas is patently false.

—Numerous details in the Courier-Journal’s series of stories last week were either misleading or patently false.

You can read the entire letter for yourself here:

Tom Jurich.pdf

The U of L BOT is expected to decide Jurich’s fate on Wednesday.