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Monday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

For the first time in Card Chronicle history, I’m being flooded with pictures of crying kids. Included in that group is Althea Salansky, who is wondering what type of world she’s been born into.

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—Spread check: Florida State by 6.5.

—There are all sorts of things going on at U of L as I type this (Steve Pence talking to the media, release of Pitino texts/polygraph test, etc.), so we’re going to have to cover that stuff after the radio show this evening and not in this news & notes ... which still includes plenty of stupid.

100 Things Louisville Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die — which is now a period piece — is OFFICIALLY available anywhere you can buy books. Again, timing has never been my thing.

—This Week in Schadenfreude is heavy on Louisville, which is not a good thing.

—I thought this tweet was a joke until I watched the full video and realized that this was, in fact, Jimbo’s genuine reaction to being informed that Boston College scored 45 points and defeated Louisville on Louisville’s home field.

—ESPN’s ACC power rankings have Lamar Jackson as an entry by himself at No. 5b, and Louisville all the way down at No. 13.

5b Lamar Jackson. We have made an exception this week to note Lamar Jackson's super human performance on a team that has done little to help. Jackson had 512 yards and five touchdowns against Boston College ... and lost.


13. Louisville Cardinals (4-3, 1-3). The Cards have far too much talent to underachieve this much.

—SB Nation’s current playoff projection has the same four teams participating in the CFP that did last year.

—It appears that I am now among the many blocked by Bobby Petrino (or at least the person running his account) on Twitter. That seems unnecessary and counter-productive, but everyone is free to social media how they please.

—LJ Nesbitt is fired up over at The Crunch Zone.

—Guy is still so good, which makes these first seven games even harder to stomach.

—The fifth-ranked U of L men’s soccer team played No. 4 North Carolina to a 0-0 tie Friday night, BUT ...

—The 11th-ranked Cardinal field hockey team upset the fifth-ranked Tar Heels, 3-2 on Saturday. So suck it, NCAA.

—At least the recruits are still on board.

—An ex-Boston College running back says he has video proof that BC used to throw wild stripper parties for recruits. I appreciate the gesture, but this isn’t enough to make up for Saturday, my man.

—Sports Illustrated projects the top 100 scorers in college basketball for the upcoming season. Deng Adel makes an appearance at No. 98.

—Iowa State now guaranteed to lose back-to-back title games.

—Ten possible Cinderella teams for the upcoming college hoops season.

—Oct. 2016: I’m getting on Twitter to see how outraged everyone is that the Louisville football team is only No. 5 in the latest College Football Playoff rankings.

Oct. 2017: I’m getting on Twitter to see the official Boston College account deliver a savage salt in the wound tweet after the Louisville football team was beaten at home by the Eagles.

Life comes at you fast.

—Tulane offering a tuition-free semester to students from Puerto Rico is awesome.

—The Cardinal volleyball team continued its roll through the ACC by sweeping Georgia Tech on Sunday.


—Bill Connelly says that week seven was the “this is why we love college football” week of the season. I disagree.

—These updated rivalry game spreads have Louisville as a 4.5-point favorite over Kentucky.

—CBS has 10 key quotes about the NCAA letting North Carolina basketball off the hook for two decades of academic fraud.

—U of L’s defense allowed three Boston College offensive players to earn ACC Player of the Week honors, and one to be named the Walter Camp National Player of the Week.

—Not sure this really warranted to all-caps “breaking exclusive” treatment.

Also, shouldn’t like all 351 universities with D-I basketball programs be “reviewing” those programs right now?

—U of L women’s soccer took care of Pitt with a 3-0 win Friday night. The Cards are now 9-6 overall and 3-4 in the ACC. They’ll host Wake Forest Thursday night at 7.

—Gary Parrish writes about how Louisville must feel after the UNC ruling.

Either way, the whole thing got me thinking.

North Carolina got off, again, because it successfully argued that members of the general student body accepted the same benefits as its student-athletes -- the point being that whatever inappropriate things happened were never intended to solely benefit student-athletes, and that they never actually did solely benefit student-athletes. Fine. But does that mean a booster could lay $50,000 on a table, and as long as a basketball player and a non-basketball player both picked some of it up no violations have occurred? Could you argue that the $50,000 was never intended to solely benefit student-athletes, and that it never actually did solely benefit student-athletes? I'll tell you one thing: I'd sure as hell try. Because that general defense just worked for North Carolina.

And how stupid does Louisville feel right now?

UNC refused to self-punish and promised to fight till the end and sue if necessary. It's an approach that paid off. And it makes you wonder why any school would concede anything going forward -- especially schools with lots of money like Louisville and North Carolina. Louisville voluntarily acknowledged mistakes and, because of it, will likely soon vacate its 2013 national title. But North Carolina conceded nothing. It instead spent $18 million on lawyers and battled passionately and brilliantly. So North Carolina's championship banners, unlike Louisville's, will hang forever.

And the funny thing is that everybody knew this was probably coming.

—Louisville baseball wrapped up its 12th annual Pizza Bowl series over the weekend.

—The Keonta Vernon love continues to pile.


—BC Interruption looks at the key play from Saturday’s debacle.

—And finally, R&R is back from 3-6 afternoon talking about a whollllle bunch of stuff that I’d prefer not to talk about. Listen in and be glad that it’s me instead of you.