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A new low: Louisville falls at home to Boston College, 45-42

All of the ugh.

NCAA Football: Boston College at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes when it rains it pours ... and then while it’s pouring some guy you’ve never seen before runs up out of nowhere, stabs you in the dick and then spits in your face.

That’s pretty much what today feels like.

Louisville took one of the more embarrassing losses in program history Saturday afternoon, falling at home to Boston College by a final score of 45-42. I’m sure you’re all aware of the particulars. The defense remains beyond abysmal, and the mistakes in other areas remain untimely and far too frequent.

At this point things are relatively straightforward: This is a bad football team with a great player at quarterback. Everything we denied about this team a year ago has come to fruition.

Now, we all have to face a brutal reality. Lamar Jackson is likely going to leave Louisville with all of us feeling like his once in a generation talents were mostly wasted. That’s not a cool feeling to have, but it’s where we are.

Beat FSU? Make a bowl game? Upset Kentucky?

Hell, I don’t know. Everything is bad and I’ve been numb for a while now.