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Previewing Louisville-Boston College with BC Interruption

A.J. Black from BC Interruption stops by with some info on Boston College.

NCAA Football: Boston College at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College has a chance to go without a win in the ACC for the second time under Steve Addazio. How do the fans feel about his performance?

I think fans, for the most part, are pretty fed up with the lack of progress in the program. Year after year Addazio's offenses have been some of the worst in the nation, and he continues to say that they are going to come together, but we are in year 5 and it has only regressed. I think another frustrating part of Addazio is that he continues to change the offense philosophy haphazardly. The first two years we took it as working with the players in front of him, with a power running game with Andre Williams and a read option offense with Tyler Murphy. But after offensive coordinator Ryan Day left, it just seems muddled and confusing. At this point of the season most fans are done with this program, and done with Addazio and his excuses and are just ready to see what new AD Martin Jarmond does by the end of the season.

Harold Landry gets a lot of attention but who are some other guys on the defense that we should look out for?

I really like Zach Allen, a monster defensive end/tackle hybrid who has been making some great plays as of late. He is huge, almost 290 pounds but is also really quick off the ball, and lined up opposite of Landry causes massive matchup issues. Another player that has been really growing is defensive back Lukas Denis. He has had a great start to the season with 5 interceptions, and has been about as lock down as it comes for a Boston College defensive back.

Do you think Anthony Brown and his receivers can exploit a porous Louisville pass defense?

Can they? Sure. But that would involve Addazio opening up the offense, and I don't see that happening. Let me break down a typical BC game, and the readers can draw their own conclusions. BC will probably start with the ball, and call some explosive plays, maybe a play action, some sort of jet sweep misdirection, and some runs. Then something will happen, whether it's Brown getting sacked, Louisville sitting on the run, or most likely a dumb penalty and be forced to punt. Addazio and Scot Loeffler will then clam up, and just revert to what we call #RRPP. Or "Run, Run, Pass, Punt". This is what BC will probably do for the better part of three quarters. Draws to Jon Hilliman or A.J. Dillon into the backs of their own linemen, three yards passes with zero yards after the catch, and even more mistakes. During that time BC's opponents will probably make 3-4 huge plays, like 70+ yard runs with blown defensive assignments, and by the fourth quarter BC will be behind so much that Addazio will open the playbook up again, and do just enough to cover the spread.

Boston College has had some struggles stopping the run this year. How has the defense played overall?

They definitely are getting better. There are a few issues with the defense. The first is depth. BC lost two of their starting linebackers in Connor Strachan and Max Richardson, and they really didn't have any game ready players behind them (that again is on the coaching staff). So as the offense farts around and continually runs their tempo offense to nowhere, the defense gets gassed, and by the third or fourth quarter they have no gas in the tank. It happened against Wake Forest, it happened against Notre Dame and it happened against Clemson. The second issue are the chunk plays. For 95% of the plays BC's defense plays elite defense, then there are the 3 plays a game where they blow assignments, miss tackles and let up huge plays. It's killing them.

If BC is going to pull of the upset. What players on offense could make it happen?

Kobay White. A redshirt freshman at wide receiver, he is probably the most dynamic receiver BC has had in years. Good hands, speed and size. He is not quite a finished product yet, and still makes mistakes, but given that Louisville is susceptible to the long pass, he is going to need to be the X factor if they are going to win. Which BC will not. And it won't even be close.