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Recap: Louisville Runs By the Bulls

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

A constant refrain in Coach Walz's interviews is that if he can get the "Big 3" playing consistently good then we'll be a tough team to beat.  The game against South Florida today proved that he was right.  Myisha Hines-Allen had 27 points/12 rebounds, Asia Durr had 12 points, and Mariya Moore had 5 points/5 rebounds/11 assists.  Every time the Bulls tried to make a run they came up big.

Louisville jumped out to a 9-0 lead but had 6 turnovers in the first quarter which led to a 7-0 run for South Florida.  Even with an Asia Durr shot at the buzzer the lead was just 17-13 going into the second quarter.  However, in the next quarter the Cards had only one turnover and tightened up the defense and by the TV timeout the lead had grown to 30-18.

South Florida cut into the lead several times in the second half but Louisville answered their runs.  In the 4th quarter there were 5 fouls called on Louisville in the first few minutes.  South Florida had no fouls called on them which actually ended up hurting them because in the last couple of minutes they were unable to put Louisville on the line to attempt to get the ball back.  The final score was 66-52.

Two interesting asides from Jeff Walz after the game:

1) the team flew Southwest Airlines and the pilot announced the team was on the flight and they got a nice round of applause.

2) Coach Strong fresh on the USF campus as head coach came down and said hello to him.  Jeff said, "He was always great to me me so it was nice to see Charlie."

The next game is on Thursday at Clemson at 7PM.  The game can be seen on ACCN Extra.