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Recap: Louisville Bedeviled by Duke

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Well.  This game was weird.  Sitting here trying to figure out what I want to say about Louisville's 55-58 loss to Duke and all I can come up with was...that was weird.

Let's start with the weird good.  Our own mad scientist of a coach started the second half by setting up our offense on the wrong end of the floor.  You would think the Duke players would know their home court, but they set up their defense right alongside us.  This led to an uncontested layup by Briahanna Jackson with a mischievous smile on her face.

Unfortunately, that's the last thing that seemed to go really right in the half.  We never seemed to get in a groove.  We didn't seem sluggish, but we also didn't seem energized.  We weren't aggressive.  There were casual passes that got picked off and slapping fouls instead of defensive stops.  In the last couple of minutes with the score seesawing back and forth there was a lot of standing around on offense leading to poor shots deep in the shot clock.  They topped it off by intentionally fouling a player who has shot 91% from the line.  It made no sense.  NONE OF THIS GAME MADE SENSE.

Myisha Hines-Allen had a double-double (16 points/12 rebounds), but it seemed like she could've had her way with Duke if she'd asserted herself.  Mariya Moore had seven turnovers.  Asia Durr had 15 points but on 5 of 18 shooting.  Sam Fuehring seemed to be the only one playing with urgency in the second half but she was only on the floor 8 minutes for the game.

After the game Assistant Coach Sam Williams said that they did a good job following the scouting report in the first half but that a game is 40 minutes.  She also said that turnovers killed the Cards.

Hopefully Louisville can regroup before their next game on the road this Thursday the 5th at Virginia.  The game can be seen on ACCN Extra at 7PM.