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The Rick Pitino-John Calipari podcast is here

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The much-anticipated John Calipari podcast featuring Rick Pitino is finally out and it's .... well, it's not earth-shattering but it's probably worth your time if you love either program.

Highlights include:

--A really bad skit from John Calipari to open the podcast. He's good at what he does with the media during press conferences, but the man is not much of a comedian.

--Cal saying life is miserable for him since Louisville lost to Kentucky and Pitino saying imagine how miserable his life was being 1-8 against Cal at UK.

--Stories from both about how insane Kentucky fans are.

--Rivalry talk about what separates Louisville-Kentucky from Duke-North Carolina and every other rivalry.

--The expected "back in the day" stories about mentors and mutual friends.

--A discussion about what it's like for Rick to watch Richard coach and what it's like for Cal to coach his son.

--The U of L scandal is briefly touched on at the very end when Calipari asks Pitino about how responsible a coach should be when it comes to everything that happens with their program.

Here's the entire thing for your listening pleasure: