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Recap: Louisville Buzzes By Georgia Tech

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech got rambling wrecked by Louisville tonight.  I'll also bet I'm the first person to ever use that expression after a big GTU loss.  Please send all your fan mail to

While not 100% perfection, this was Louisville's most complete game from start to finish all year.  With two minutes to go in the first quarter the lead was 22-8 and the Cards maintained intensity throughout the game.  They only allowed Georgia Tech to score two points in the second quarter.  TWO.  One, two, done.  The halftime score was 50-15.

Things were a little wobbly to start the second half but Louisville quickly refocused.  By the fourth quarter the starters were all sitting.  Asia Durr finished with 20 points, and Mariya Moore had 13 points and 8 rebounds.

Earlier in the year when the second team came in the game basically became a shoot-around on both ends of the floor.  However, tonight they kept up the pressure and even forced a shot clock violation late in the game.  The shooting percentage was 59% at the end of the third quarter and only dipped slightly to 57% by the end of the game.  The final score was 91-51.

After the game Coach Walz said that they did a good job challenging the Yellow Jackets.  He also said that he kind of laughed when he heard fans behind the bench yelling at our players to get and guard their players more closely because his game plan was to try and make Georgia Tech shoot over them and not let them drive to the basket.  So y'all done got told, fans behind the bench.

He also said that he was pleased with the subs.  He liked the play of Ciera Johnson and Kylee Shook.  He especially liked Kylee's aggressiveness on the defensive end which led to 3 blocked shots.

Next the Cards play another ranked team at South Florida on Sunday at 2PM.  The game will be shown on ESPNU.