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Recap: Louisville Gives Away Late Lead to FSU

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

In his weekly coach's show Jeff Walz said that George Strait was one of his favorite entertainers.  Well he may have to cue up "Easy Come, Easy Go" on his iPod for the flight home because the Cards said goodbye, farewell, so long, vaya con dios to a 4 point lead over Florida State with 5 minutes left in the game to lose 65-72.

There was a stretch at the end of the second quarter where Louisville seemed to flip the switch to off.  The game was 21-23 and then the Cards started leaving shooters wide open and didn't hustle back on a fast break play.  In a couple of minutes the Seminole lead grew to 10 points with a 25-32 lead going into halftime.

The 2nd half started inauspiciously with an Asia Durr miss, a Myisha Hines-Allen airball, and Myisha just staring at an FSU girl on the wing like "welp, I'm not gonna make it out there so I'll just stand here while you shoot it."  Coach called a timeout and seemed to be expressing his displeasure with that effort and Myisha sat most of the half.  The good news is that Asia broke out of her shooting slump and finished the game with 21 points, 13 of those in the second half.

Louisville fought back from that 10 point deficit to take a 4 point lead late in the game.  With just under 2 minutes Florida State had a 1 point lead but again mental mistakes seemed to kill the Cards.  FSU capitalized on Louisville's bad shots, turnovers, and fouls to put the game out of reach in the final minutes.  Coach Walz said in his post-game interview it was a "heartbreaker" and that he probably wouldn't sleep tonight.

Despite that disappointment Coach also said that he was optimistic and excited about the season because there has yet to be a game where the Big 3 (Asia, Myisha, Mariya) had a good game at the same time.  He said "when we do it's gonna be a whole new ballgame."  He also said that he's proud of of the team's physical effort but that the mental side has got to get better.

The Cards come back home for a matchup against a ranked Miami team on Sunday.  The game is at 1:30 and is on ESPN2.