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Kentucky Humane Society Puppy Pick 'Em Challenge: Week 2

This year, Card Chronicle, 93.9 The Ville and the Kentucky Humane Society are teaming up to bring you a weekly college football pick 'em contest that'll give you an opportunity to win a prize package and make me feel dumb in the process.

Each week on Thursday, me, John Ramsey and a KHS pet of the week will serve up our picks on 11 college football games (typically the Louisville, Kentucky and Western Kentucky games in addition to the eight biggest national games of the weekend) plus the area high school game of the week, which will be voted on by fans on Twitter. That vote will take place on Wednesday.

Here are the results from this week's poll, which was fairly easy to predict:

Each week on Thursday, a post like this one will go up laying out the games of the week. In order to enter the contest, all you have to do is pick a winner for each game (and a tiebreaker) either in the comments section of this post, or by emailing them to me at

The winner of the contest will obviously be the person who picks the most games correctly, BUT in order to claim the weekly prize package, you have to beat your peers plus me, John and the pet of the week. If one of the three of us picks more or as many (push goes to the house) winners as the best fan submission, then the prize package carries over to the next week.

There is a rub for out-of-town participants: the prizes have to be picked up at the ESPN Louisville studio on U of L's campus.

Last week, John and I both went 9-3, but puppy Andre went 10-2, a total which was not surpassed by any of the 281 participants. That being the case, here's your prize package for week two: a free foursome at Wooded View Golf Club, a 2016 Louisville football schedule poster, and a 93.9 The Ville t-shirt that I'll make sure John touches, and two prime tickets to the NBA exhibition game between the Timberwolves and Heat.

Here are the games we're picking this week:

High School Game of the Week: Male at Trinity (Friday)

No. 13 Louisville at Syracuse (Friday)

Penn State at Pittsburgh (Saturday)

Wake Forest at Duke (Saturday)

Kentucky at Florida (Saturday)

Western Kentucky at No. 1 Alabama (Saturday)

Arkansas at No. 15 TCU (Saturday)

Iowa State at No. 16 Iowa (Saturday)

BYU at Utah (Saturday)

Virginia Tech at No. 17 Tennessee (Saturday)

Ball State at Indiana (Saturday)

Texas Tech at Arizona State (Saturday)

TIEBREAKER: Total number of points scored by Louisville against Syracuse

If you want to be entered to win this week's contest, your picks have to be in by 6 p.m. Friday. Again, all you have to do is either leave them in the comments section, or email them to me at John, the pet of the week and I will be giving our picks on Thursday's R&R.

Here's your pet of the week for week two: Tundra (featuring me putting the fear of God into his eyes).

Tundra is looking to uphold the standard set by Andre, who won the pick 'em with a 10-2 record last week. Andre was also adopted the day after we announced the contest, which is awesome.

For more information on Tundra and other adoptable pets, check out the KHS website or visit one of their area locations.

2016 Pick 'Em Standings To Date:

Mike: 9-3

John: 9-3

Puppy: 10-2

Happy picking.