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Kentucky Humane Society Puppy Pick 'Em Challenge: Week 5

Last week was a rough one for most pickers (including me, John and the puppy Jace), but congratulations to Jared, who went 10-2 and won the tiebreaker to nab the prize package.

Also, and I feel like I shouldn't have to say this, there is a limit of one submission per person. You can't submit three different sets of picks with a couple of variations here and there.

A reminder that in order to enter the contest, all you have to do is pick a winner for each game (and a tiebreaker) either in the comments section of this post, or by emailing them to me at The winner has to beat all the other competitors as well as John, our puppy picker and myself. If there's a push, the prize package carriers over to the next week.

This week's prize package includes a $25 gift card to Fan Outfitters, a $25 gift card to Holy Smokes BBQ, a 93.9 The Ville t-shirt and a 93.9 The Ville koozie.

Here are the games we're picking for week 5:

High School Game of the Week: Trinity vs. St. X (Friday)
No. 7 Stanford at No. 10 Washington (Friday)
No. 11 Tennessee at No. 25 Georgia (Saturday)
North Carolina at No. 12 Florida State (Saturday)
No. 8 Wisconsin at No. 4 Michigan (Saturday)
Oklahoma at No. 21 TCU (Saturday)
Kentucky at No. 1 Alabama (Saturday)
No. 22 Texas at Oklahoma State (Saturday)
No. 14 Miami at Georgia Tech (Saturday)
Virginia at Duke (Saturday)
No. 18 Utah at California (Saturday)
No. 3 Louisville at No. 5 Clemson (Saturday)

TIEBREAKER: Number of points scored by Louisville against Clemson

Because the Friday night college football game was wayyy better than the Thursday game, the deadline to submit your picks is going to be 6 p.m. Friday, instead of Thursday. John, the Kentucky Humane Society Puppy of the Week and I will be making our picks on today's Ramsey & Rutherford.

Here's our puppy of the week, Loki:

For more information on Loki and other adoptable pets, check out the Kentucky Humane Society website or visit one of their area locations.

2016 Pick 'Em Standings To Date:

Puppy: 37-11

Mike: 34-14

John: 33-15