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Wednesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Led by Boose and Grady Crahan, the cavalry is already starting to arrive in Death Valley.

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I_medium Spread check: Louisville by 2.

I_medium A reminder to submit your "where we're watching" locations to if you want to be featured in Friday's post.

I_medium Keith Kelsey heard your comments, Jadar Johnson.

Ohhhhh lawd, it's on.

I_medium The Sporting News has Lamar Jackson as the runaway favorite to win the Heisman.

I_medium ESPN's Alex Scarborough has a huge feature this morning on Lamar Jackson taking college football by storm.

Before long, Jackson and the Cardinals were off and running, moving the chains at a blistering pace against an overmatched Marshall defense. Jackson bounced around in the pocket like a pinball, buzzed passes by the earholes of defenders, lobbed touchdowns down the sideline and shrugged off tacklers as he high-stepped into the end zone. Late in the game, a pair of Marshall ball boys stood on the Louisville sideline in awe of Jackson's effortless throwing motion. He flicked his wrist, and off it went like a dart, a tightly wound spiral each and every time.

"That ball," one of them said to the other, who shook his head in disbelief. "I can't get over how pretty it is. Even the long ones. They don't break."

Jackson, the Heisman Trophy front-runner, wound up passing for 417 yards and five touchdowns on the night. He scored twice more running the football as Louisville beat Marshall, 59-28, to improve to 4-0 on the season.

College football's reigning touchdown king was ushered near midfield, where a television crew readied for a postgame interview. Jackson was deferential and kept the focus on his teammates. But defensive end Devonte Fields photo-bombed the live shot, walking through the background with a sign he borrowed from someone in the crowd. "Lamar #8 Jackson For Heisman," it read. Fields shoved a Sharpie in Jackson's hand when the interview ended. Jackson grinned and gave it his sweeping signature.

Moments later, a Marshall athletic trainer had something else for Jackson to autograph: a bright green cast wrapped around her right arm. A couple of paces away, a man and his 10-year-old son asked for a photo. Louisville's director of football ops and the team's strength and conditioning coach shouted that there was no time, that they had to go. But Jackson ignored them, smiled for the camera and patted the boy on the head. Little Kahlief Tye muttered, "Awesome," and couldn't manage another word. His big eyes refused to blink as Jackson jogged off the field and on to what's next.

The piece also included this tidbit from the Marshall game:

Even the referees couldn't keep their cool around Jackson. One official lurched into his pocket during pregame warm-ups as Jackson walked past him on the sideline, fumbling his phone as he rushed to take a picture. He couldn't get the darn thing steady in time. So after Louisville finished stretching, the official waved off all manner of pretense and simply asked Jackson to hold still.

I'm pretty sure that's not allowed, and if it is, it shouldn't be.

I_medium Your week 5 pick 'em high school game of the week vote is here, although I'm not sure your vote is going to matter at this point.

Speaking of pick 'em, "bowlinggreencard," you are the champion of week four. I shot you an email yesterday but haven't gotten a response back yet, so if you see this, send me an email and I'll let you know how to pick up your prize package.

I_medium Campus Insiders' Pete Fiutak breaks down (video) Louisville-Clemson and explains why he's picking the Tigers to deal the Cards their first L.

I_medium All signs point to the ACC championship game moving to Orlando for this season.

I_medium I'll say it: I don't want Tony Stewart on our side and I'm glad he didn't have the common decency to play along for this photo.

I_medium Dabo Swinney talked about Saturday's game on ESPN (video) earlier today.

I_medium It's postseason time for Louisville City FC, and all tickets to Sunday's playoff game against Richmond are just $5 for college students who show their student ID. Kickoff at Slugger Field on Sunday is set for 7 p.m.

I_medium I am a fan of this statistic.

I_medium In the midst of its best season in years, the U of L women's soccer team has moved into the national rankings at No. 18. They join the men's soccer team (No. 9), the field hockey team (No. 7) and football team (No. 3) as U of L fall sports teams currently ranked in the nation's top 20.

I_medium Ray-Ray McCloud, one of Clemson's biggest weapons, talks about Saturday's big game.

I_medium Gary Parrish moves Louisville from No. 20 to No. 16 in CBS' top 25 (and one) college hoops rankings.

I_medium Sports Illustrated says Charlie Strong could be the next college football head coach on the chopping block.

I_medium U of L previews the Clemson game in 60 seconds.

I_medium The U of L swimming and diving team has released its schedule for the 2016-17 season.

I_medium This Australian who has somehow found the strength to keep living despite being bitten on the penis by a venomous spider twice in five months is the true hero this world needs.

He said that being bitten the first time had made him wary of using portable toilets.

"After the first time it happened I didn't really want to use one again," he said.

"Toilets got cleaned that day and I thought it was my opportunity to go use one. Had a look under both seats and then I sat down did my business. Next thing you know, I'm bent over in pain."

The tradesman said he was not sure what type of spider bit him this time.

One of his colleagues took him from the worksite in north-west Sydney to Blacktown Hospital - although many of his workmates were quick to see the lighter side of the situation.

"They got worried the first time," he said.

"This time they were making jokes before I was getting in the car."

The hospital declined to discuss the matter, citing patient privacy.

Jordan was released from hospital and said he expected to return to work soon but was unlikely to be using the on-site toilet.

"I think I'll be holding on for dear life to be honest," he said.

Every word of that story deserves to be cherished.

I_medium Louisville baseball will be holding two more fall scrimmages that will be open to the public on Thursday and Friday.

I_medium Louisville fan disrespect meter on a hundred thousand trillion.

Say it with me: THEY DON'T WANT US TO WIN.

I_medium Headlined by Louisville-Clemson, three top 10 matchups in week five are sure to result in a massive poll shake-up.

I_medium Reggie Bonnafon talked after practice yesterday about Clemson, Lamar and how disappointed the offense was after their performance against Marshall.

I_medium We've got just two weeks left until the men's basketball team plays its first Red-White scrimmage. Tickets for the Oct. 12 scrimmage can be bought here.

I_medium A very happy 16th birthday to the horse racing guru/baby faced assassin himself, David Levitch. I'm having this blown up and framed for you.

Enjoy the day, man.

I_medium Dana Evans, the No. 3 player in the class of 2017, has committed to play her college basketball for Jeff Walz and U of L.


I_medium The Lamar Jackson effect has Louisville expanding its recruiting footprint in Florida (insider).

I_medium Pro Football Focus ranks Clemson defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence as the best true freshman in college football.

I_medium South Carolina isn't good.

I_medium The latest Huddlecast with Adam Froman and Doug Beaumont also features Chris Redman.

I_medium I still don't buy into the "Clemson isn't the same team" or "Clemson's offense is sleep-walking" talk because of this statistic.

Week 5 is when that offense woke up and became a monster last year. Here's hoping history doesn't repeat itself.

I_medium The Curious Index is always a must-read.

I_medium Aaron Taylor refuses to stop being impressed by Marshall's blowout loss to Louisville, but he does take the Cards to knock off Clemson on Saturday.

I_medium John Cassillo of The Comeback attempts to explain how Louisville and Bobby Petrino built an unconventional national title contender.

I_medium Equal parts excited and terrified to experience a monster Saturday night game in Death Valley.

I_medium Campus Sports says Lamar Jackson could come close to locking up the Heisman with a huge performance in a win over Clemson.

I_medium Adjusting to the spotlight off the field has been the toughest task Lamar Jackson has faced so far this season.

I_medium The folks down in Alabama aren't buying Louisville as a legitimate national title contender until the Cards take care of Clemson.

I_medium Cards love the kids.

I_medium Even with the gaudy numbers put up by both Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson, Fox Sports says Saturday is a Heisman elimination game for one of them.

I_medium Dabo Swinney recognizes the magnitude of Saturday's game, but says the week has still been business as usual for Clemson.

I_medium Duke Basketball Report previews Rick Pitino's 2016-17 Cardinals.

I_medium Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables is widely regarded as one of the best in college football, and he'll be asked to prove why on Saturday.

"There's only so much you can do," Venables said Tuesday. "They present a lot. They've got dynamic players. They've got a really good system, a veteran team coming back, so they're much further along than they were two years ago with both their schemes and personnel and one of the most dynamic players in all of college football.

"It's a big game - it's a big week, but a week ago was too. The week before that was. So, there's a process for how you prepare and you try to put together a good plan. But ultimately it comes down to players coming out and executing."

For Venables, the challenge this week comes down to the question of can the Tigers find a way to do something that no one else in college football has figured out through the first four games — how to stop quarterback Lamar Jackson.

"He's got a special skill-set in both his running and his throwing ability and his ability to improvise and extend plays can create a lot of problems," Venables continued. "You can do everything right and still be wrong. You can live with that, if that happens. But you can't stress about those kind of things. You can only prepare for what you know you're going to see, or anticipate seeing and give your guys the best possible plan to win.

"I'm not sure there's a great plan on how to defend him, but we'll see."

I_medium In a list they refer to as "Lamar Jackson and everybody else," ESPN ranks the top 50 players in college football through the season's first month. Devonte Fields also shows up at No. 17.

I_medium And finally, beat Clemson.