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Bobby Petrino Sr. says son will coach at Louisville "until he quits coaching"

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Even more LSU announced this weekend that it had fired head coach Les Miles, Louisville's early season success had opened the door for dozens of lazy "when will Bobby Petrino leave again" stories penned by national writers.

The Courier-Journal's Steve Jones recently caught up with a handful of friends, family members and former colleagues who are close to Petrino and got their thoughts on the job the Cardinal head coach has done this season, and what the future may hold for him. The most telling comments (at least from a U of L fan's perspective) came from Petrino's father.

"First of all, my opinion of Bobby is he will coach at Louisville until he quits coaching," the elder Petrino said. "That's what I think, and that's fine. That's very fine. And I think he can win a national championship there. I do feel he has the ability to do it, and he can do a good enough job recruiting. I feel he has the ability to win a national championship, and I know that's what he wants to do. ... I just think he tried it the other way, moving around, etc., and I think he just wants to settle in one place and give it all he's got. I just can't see him leaving."

Jurich has said he believes U of L's ACC membership and the continuing growth of its facilities -€” the Cards will begin a $55 million expansion of Papa John's Cardinal Stadium and the adjoining team complex after the season -€”  have made the school's football coaching position a "destination job."

Jurich said he doubts Petrino would have interest in any other job while saying, "I want to make sure he never feels that he's taken for granted here."

"When you have top coaches, you're going to have people wanting to go after them," Jurich said. "I'll do everything in my power to keep him here, because I think he's a great fit here."

Smith and Perconti also both said they believe Petrino's intent is to remain at U of L for the long term.

"First of all, you know that the more success he continues to have and the University of Louisville has, they will come after him, whether it's pro or SEC, I don't know," Perconti said. "But bottom line, I think this is home for and his family. He's got family on the coaching staff. He's got grandchildren in school here; he's got friendships here. I think his goals here are not just to have a great year this year. It's next year, and (future years). I'd be shocked if Bobby isn't here to finish out his career here, and he's told me that.

"I think there will be knocks on his door, but I think Tom Jurich and Bobby have built such a strong door that it will be hard to get through it."

The entire story is worth your time, and you can read it here.