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Friday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Life is all smiles when you've never experienced a Cardinal loss like Lamiyah.

I_medium Maybe I'm being "selfish" or not "soaking up the victory," but I'm ready for the Syracuse game to happen right now. I'm all about Friday night road games.

I_medium ESPN's Brian Bennett was at PJCS last night to witness Lamar Jackson's "video game-like" performance.

With experienced players surrounding Jackson, Petrino said this week that he wants to see the offense "cut it loose." He can also get back to being more aggressive with his play calling, as evidenced by the end of the first half.

Louisville already led the 49ers by an appropriate 49-0 count when it got the ball back at its own 34-yard line with 1:31 left in the half. Not content to go into intermission with that score, Petrino had his team run a two-minute drill. When Jackson was stopped at the 1-yard line with nine seconds left, Petrino ran onto the field signaling for timeout. On next play, Jackson threw a touchdown pass to Cole Hikutini.

Ever the perfectionist, Petrino said that situation offered the Cardinals a chance to work on their two-minute drill in a game setting. Asked about Jackson's eight-touchdown half, he cracked: "It probably should have been nine."

The opponent offered little obstruction on opening night, certainly less than what Louisville will see when it opens ACC play next week at Syracuse and nowhere near what it will encounter when Florida State comes to Papa John's Cardinal Stadium in Week 3. Still, it was hard not to be a little impressed by the potential the Cardinals' offense displayed with Jackson at the controls. Except, maybe, for those involved.

"We didn't make a statement yet," Jackson said. "When we do, it's going to be pretty crazy."

I_medium The first Louisville-Kentucky game of 2016-17 will take place tonight at 7:30 inside Lynn Stadium when the women's soccer team hosts the Cats. Here's your preview.

I_medium With all due respect to Lamar Jackson, this was the defining play of Thursday night:

I_medium Final "preseason" college football odds from Bovada:

Odds to Win the 2017 CFP National Championship

Team                    1/13/16             2/15/16             8/9/16               Current Odds (9/1/16)

Alabama                       7/1                    7/1                    6/1                    6/1

Clemson                       15/2                  15/2                  17/2                  13/2

LSU                              14/1                  14/1                  7/1                    13/2

Florida State                 16/1                  20/1                  10/1                  9/1

Michigan                       12/1                  15/2                  9/1                    9/1

Ohio State                    12/1                  6/1                    9/1                    9/1

Tennessee                    22/1                  14/1                  12/1                  12/1

Oklahoma                     14/1                  14/1                  16/1                  14/1

Notre Dame                  14/1                  16/1                  20/1                  20/1

Stanford                       14/1                  16/1                  25/1                  28/1

Georgia                        33/1                  33/1                  33/1                  33/1

USC                             33/1                  33/1                  33/1                  33/1

Florida                          33/1                  40/1                  40/1                  40/1

Mississippi                   22/1                  20/1                  40/1                  40/1

Oregon                         22/1                  33/1                  33/1                  40/1

TCU                              33/1                  33/1                  40/1                  40/1

Washington                   66/1                  50/1                  40/1                  40/1

Auburn                          50/1                  33/1                  50/1                  50/1

Baylor                           12/1                  16/1                  50/1                  50/1

Michigan State              33/1                  25/1                  50/1                  50/1

UCLA                            40/1                  33/1                  50/1                  50/1

Houston                        33/1                  50/1                  66/1                  66/1

Iowa                             33/1                  66/1                  66/1                  66/1

Louisville                      50/1                  50/1                  66/1                  66/1

Oklahoma State            50/1                  50/1                  66/1                  66/1

Texas                           75/1                  100/1                66/1                  66/1

Texas A&M                   50/1                  66/1                  66/1                  66/1

Arkansas                      50/1                  75/1                  100/1                100/1

Miami Florida                66/1                  75/1                  100/1                100/1

North Carolina               50/1                  66/1                  100/1                100/1

Utah                             66/1                  66/1                  100/1                100/1

Wisconsin                     50/1                  66/1                  100/1                100/1

Boise State                   100/1                100/1                150/1                150/1

Nebraska                      50/1                  75/1                  150/1                150/1

Arizona State                100/1                75/1                  200/1                200/1

West Virginia                 75/1                  200/1                200/1                200/1

Washington State          66/1                  100/1                200/1                200/1

BYU                             100/1                200/1                250/1                250/1

Maryland                       100/1                200/1                250/1                250/1

Arizona                         100/1                200/1                300/1                300/1

Mississippi State           100/1                200/1                300/1                300/1

Penn State                    100/1                200/1                300/1                300/1

Virginia Tech                 75/1                  200/1                300/1                300/1

California                      100/1                200/1                500/1                500/1

Georgia Tech                100/1                200/1                500/1                500/1

Missouri                        100/1                100/1                500/1                500/1

Northwestern                 100/1                200/1                500/1                500/1

South Carolina              66/1                  100/1                500/1                500/1

Indiana                          Off the Board    Off the Board    Off the Board    500/1

Iowa State                     Off the Board    Off the Board    500/1                500/1

Pittsburgh                     Off the Board    Off the Board    500/1                500/1

Texas Tech                   Off the Board    Off the Board    500/1                500/1

Odds to win the 2016 Heisman Trophy

Player                                     Odds on 1/19/16          6/30/16             8/9/16               Current Odds (9/1/16)

Leonard Fournette (RB LSU)                              5/1                                9/2                    4/1                    4/1

Deshaun Watson (QB Clemson)                         9/2                                5/1                    9/2                    4/1

Christian McCaffrey (RB Stanford)                     5/1                                11/2                  11/2                  11/2

Dalvin Cook (RB Florida State)                          12/1                              12/1                  12/1                  15/2

JT Barrett (QB Ohio State)                                 10/1                              12/1                  12/1                  10/1

Baker Mayfield (QB Oklahoma)                          10/1                              12/1                  14/1                  12/1

Jabrill Peppers (S Michigan)                              Off the Board                Off the Board    Off the Board    12/1

Nick Chubb (RB Georgia)                                   12/1                              16/1                  16/1                  25/1

Chad Kelly (QB Mississippi)                               12/1                              16/1                  16/1                  25/1

Joshua Dobbs (QB Tennessee)                          16/1                              33/1                  33/1                  33/1

Josh Rosen (QB UCLA)                                     Off the Board                16/1                  16/1                  33/1

Greg Ward Jr. (QB Houston)                              Off the Board                Off the Board    Off the Board    33/1

Brad Kaaya (QB Miami)                                     25/1                              33/1                  33/1                  40/1

DeShone Kizer (QB Notre Dame)                        Off the Board                28/1                  28/1                  40/1

Royce Freeman (RB Oregon)                             12/1                              20/1                  20/1                  40/1

Bo Scarbrough (RB Alabama)                            Off the Board                20/1                  20/1                  40/1

Samaje Perine (RB Oklahoma)                           12/1                              25/1                  25/1                  40/1

Calvin Ridley (WR Alabama)                               12/1                              25/1                  25/1                  40/1

Lamar Jackson (QB Louisville)                           Off the Board                50/1                  50/1                  50/1

Trevor Knight (QB Texas A&M)                           Off the Board                50/1                  50/1                  50/1

Malik Zaire (QB Notre Dame)                              Off the Board                28/1                  28/1                  50/1

Saquon Barkley (RB Penn State)                        Off the Board                Off the Board    Off the Board    75/1

Patrick Mahomes (QB Texas Tech)                     Off the Board                50/1                  33/1                  Off the Board

Jarrett Stidham (QB Baylor)                               Off the Board                28/1                  Off the Board    Off the Board

Conference Championship Odds

Odds to win the ACC Atlantic Division

Team                           7/6/16               Current Odds (9/1/16)

Clemson                                   10/11                1/1

Florida State                             5/4                    13/10

Louisville                                  6/1                    6/1

NC State                                   14/1                  20/1

Boston College                         40/1                  33/1

Syracuse                                  50/1                  50/1

Wake Forest                             50/1                  50/1

I_medium Returner/WR Seth Dawkins and LB Malik Staples were the lone true freshmen to see the field last night, but there were a hoard of other Cardinal players who made their on-field debuts.

Other Louisville players to make their debut - cornerback Ronald Walker, punter Mason King, running back Malik Williams, kicker Evan O'Hara, running back Trey Smith, kicker Blanton Creque, outside linebacker Jonathan Greenard, safety Khane Pass, offensive lineman Linwood Foy, offensive lineman Chandler Jones, offensive lineman Tyler Haycraft, offensive lineman Nathan Scheler, safety London Iakopo, linebacker Amonte Caban, defensive lineman G.G. Robinson, offensive lineman Toriano Roundtree, linebacker Damian Smith, defensive back Anthony Floyd, quarterback Ethan Horton and offensive lineman Matt Cohen.

Safety Dee Smith, outside linebacker James Hearns and offensive lineman Khalil Hunter made their first career starts.

After the game, Bobby Petrino also offered up some details on what the plan for QB Jawon Pass is.

"If we stay healthy and everything works out, then we'll hold onto his redshirt," the coach said. "But he'll practice each week just like he did (this week) to go in and play. I'm really excited about Jawon. He's very mature, really smart. For him, the way he handles himself at practice is amazing. He's into every play. He's watching Lamar (Jackson), watching Kyle (Bolin) when he's not in, and he learns and gets better each play in practice."

I_medium The Athletic Director's Honor Roll has been announced for the most recent academic semester at U of L.

I_medium Here's a cool post where college football uniforms are designed to mirror the school's marching band outfits. Here's what Louisville's looks like:

I_medium U of L's cross country season kicks off on Saturday.

I_medium Welcome to Lamar Jackson's earth, young man.

I_medium CBS examines the six biggest storylines for the college football weekend ahead.

I_medium Louisville might have had the most impressive opening Thursday night performance on the field, but these Hoosier dads ensured that IU got some attention for its work in the stands.

I_medium I am so glad I missed this cringeworthy moment during the broadcast last night.

I_medium Calvin Pryor is a fan.

I_medium The first episode of Showtime's "A Season With Florida State Football" debuts next Tuesday, and it'll be interesting to see if they touch on the story of the Seminoles' strength coach getting suspended because he was drinking in his office with the film crew and was later arrested for DUI.

I_medium I'm not sure this is the most sound logic.

I get the "it's Charlotte, let's not crown him as the best player in college football history," but arguing that a player who was scoring at will wasn't impressive because he was, uh, scoring at will isn't going to earn you captain of the debate team status.

I_medium A scary story last night when a Western Kentucky player was struck by a stray bullet while out celebrating the 'Tops victory. Here's the official statement from WKU on the incident:

I_medium Luke Winn has a somewhat fascinating read on the backup center who averaged 5.0 ppg for a 5-24 team but declared himself eligible for the NBA Draft because he believes that's what God told him to do.

I_medium Douche.

Double douche.

I_medium The U of L men's soccer team will face its first road test of the season tonight at Connecticut.

I_medium Pretty sure you've all seen this by now, but if you haven't, it's an enjoyable experience:

I'm tired of these mother f---ing Clemson and Florida State questions on these mother f---ing radio shows.

I enjoy the headline "Louisville (Syracuse football's next opponent) drops 70 points on Charlotte."

Ronald Walker almost ended a man's life last night.

He pretty much did the same thing to the guy who had the ball in his hands on the next kickoff.

Insider Louisville has a photo gallery of last night's revelry.

This is incredible.

Next Tuesday's Louisville-Kentucky men's soccer match in Lexington has been moved from a 7 p.m. start to a 7:30 p.m. start. More time to get to Lexington.

And finally, R&R has Andrea Adelson and Pat Forde on today to recap last night's performance and preview the weekend ahead. Listen here.