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Bobby Petrino reviews FSU win, previews Marshall

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Some highlights:

--This was a terrific team win. After the game, he told the entire team to pat themselves on the back, and then that it was time to move on to the next one.

--(On Lamar Jackson grading himself as a D performance) I wouldn't want him to be my teacher. We all know Lamar didn't have a D performance, and I think he knows that too. That said, there were definitely some things to work for. He missed two throws, and I'm sure that's what he was referring to.

--The interception was on me. They put in a new corner and I wanted to go after him, but we should have run the ball.

--We're just three games into this season and we've got a long way to go and a lot of things that we've got to get better on.

--The biggest thing going into the game for me was being able to running the ball with our running backs, because it can't all be on Lamar's shoulders. Brandon had a great game, starting from play one, and our O-line opened up some big holes. Jeremy Smith did a great job when we got in the redzone.

--Marshall's always very talented. They play a lot of man coverage on defense. Offensively, we're going to be back to defending that up-tempo spread offense. They're gong to throw it a lot and they've got some quality playmakers.

--Every time we watch the videos from practice, Brandon and Lamar are sprinting harder with the ball than anyone else on the field. We even showed the video to our wide receivers to show them that they weren't running hard enough. That's what you do to earn the respect of your teammates.

--Our goal here is to win the national championship. It was the last time, too, and people looked at me like I was crazy. We had two teams that were close to maybe being able to play for it. Now, being in the ACC, we know longer have to worry about being left out. We just have to play the game that's in front of us.

--The last time I went to Marshall it was in the second round of the I-AA playoffs, when I was coaching for Weber State. They were cranked up and ready to go. I remember getting off the bus and all these people running up to the fence and started yelling at us. So I imagine it'll be a pretty good atmosphere. I think it's great. It's what we like to do.

--Saturday was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed looking at our players on the sidelines and seeing their faces and their confidence, seeing the o-line talking about how we had to run to win the game. That's the most rewarding thing, seeing all those things you work on in practice coming out during a game.

Here's the video: