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Michael Vick on Lamar Jackson: "He's got all the tools"

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to know exactly who (or what) to compare Lamar Jackson to when you watch him play, but during the sophomore quarterback's breakout first two weeks of the 2016 season, the name that has come up the most frequently has been Michael Vick.

The Courier-Journal tracked down the former Virginia Tech and NFL star, who said that he's watched Jackson play, and notices the same similarities that the rest of the country sees.

"Everything that you see him doing, you (saw) me do. Am I correct?" Vick told The Courier-Journal during a phone interview this week. "He's throwing touchdowns. You're getting them through the air; you're getting them on the ground. He's making guys miss. He's elusive. That's everything I was when I was at Virginia Tech. And I was able to put together games where I was productive, and we won.

"As the direction of the season goes on, it'll be interesting to see how he continues to develop and how much better he can get."


"He's got all the tools, man," Vick said. "I think he's got everything that it takes to develop into a great quarterback. That's essential for any team these days, and to be in the system that he's in, Bobby Petrino has really taken advantage of his strengths and put him in positions where he can excel. He's obviously a very smart kid when you're able to put up the type of numbers he's been putting up."

As Vick watched Jackson carve up Charlotte for eight first-half touchdowns on Sept. 1, then saw parts of last Friday's game at Syracuse in which Jackson had an ACC-record 610 total yards, Vick said he could see a lot of his game in Jackson's.

"Absolutely," Vick said. "I saw a run last week that he made and made like four guys miss, made a cutback across the field, made two or three guys miss and was able to take it the distance. He has the long speed, he has the quickness, has the juke moves and everything that it takes to be an efficient quarterback on any level. He's very impressive as a quarterback, and you don't see too many like him."

The whole article features even more quotes from Vick -- who still harbors a great deal of admiration for Bobby Petrino -- and some from his former college coach, Frank Beamer, who says Jackson is the closest thing he's seen to Vick since he left Virginia Tech. You can read it in full here.