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The Cardinal Countdown: 0 Days Until Kickoff

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

We did it. 100 Days.

Every year at this time I actually get a little emotional. Not to the point where I’m shedding a few (lighten up Francis), but it’s like I’m closing a little chapter of my life each time I wrap this series up. This countdown has grown each of the last five years I signed on for this task, and it’s kind of become its own animal in terms of my time, energy, and my pursuit to improve what little literary skill I’ve acquired the last few seasons. This year was the biggest one I’ve ever done in terms of content (over 48,000 words) but also in terms of viewership. If you didn’t read one post all summer (thanks, jerk) I’d estimate it would take you somewhere around four hours to get through the whole series. In other words, if there’s more than four hours until kickoff…looks like your schedule just filled up

The goal each year isn’t to roll out 100 ‘Pulitzer-worthy’ posts, because we know for damn sure that ain’t happening, but at a minimum I try to either inform or entertain...and occasionally, I’ll get lucky and do both.

Here are the ten posts from this summer that I enjoyed putting together the most…

Bonus Tracks: Fields Unknown,- Jaylen Gooding Jr,- 

Jacked Up For Jackson

10:Passing Time

9:Gone to Young

8:PB & Pass

7:My Man Keith

6:Cameraman Chris

5:Quick Conclusions

4:Savage State

3:Seek & Find Hughley

2:Infomercial O’Hara

1:Oh Reggie, My Reggie

I seriously cannot thank each and every single person who continues to check these out on the daily enough. I also greatly appreciate each comment, favorite, rec, etc and I’m glad I can help stir some football discussion from May-September. (Also big thanks to Mike for giving me a platform to throw these things up each day)

We started this journey on May 24th…and now here we are, hours until we kick off the 2016 season. While Charlotte may not have the same ring to it as some of the previous openers we only get 12-15 of these things to enjoy each year.

Soak it all in folks, Cardinal football is now upon us...

…and I need a nap.