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Tuesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

The 2016 Summer Tour is going Grand Canyon rafting down the Colorado, which is an endeavor too dangerous for a CCBM, but not for a post-excursion photo op.

I_medium Kicking off today's news and notes with a little bit of personal news, as your boy's officially going to be writing a book for the first time. I can't get into all the details just yet, but it will be centered around Louisville basketball and football, and it will be hitting stores in fall of 2017.

Yes, there might be a chapter dedicated to the CCBM, but getting the publishers on board with a chapter dedicated to the Chicken Knowles saga is probably going to be a taller task. When I can share the full details, you all will be the first to know. Until then, I look forward to Mrs. CC hating me even more than usual this fall/winter.

I_medium recaps Louisville's Monday practice, which was the second day for the Cards in full pads.

I_medium If you're planning on heading out to today's open practice, the start time has been moved up to 3:20 p.m.

I_medium Jeff Greer continues his summer profile series with a look at David Levitch. The story includes this quintessential Levitch anecdote:

Rick Pitino called David Levitch to the front of the bus during one of the team's road trips in Puerto Rico last August. Pitino, rewarding Levitch's hard work over his first two seasons as a walk-on at U of L, offered the Kentucky native a scholarship for the 2015-16 campaign.

How Levitch described his reaction last fall to the scholarship offer perfectly illustrates why Pitino loves having the 6-foot-3 guard on Louisville's roster: He said thank you and walked back to his seat on the bus. There was no celebration. No freak-out. Nothing. That's not Levitch's style.

DL Racing: get your investment funds together now.

I_medium The Rockets have a look at Chinanu Onuaku's performance at the NBA rookie photo shoot.

I_medium The official "Orange Out" t-shirt that Syracuse fans will wear for their Sept. 9 game against Louisville have been picked, and they look like this:

I_medium We didn't have a chance to address this when it broke over the weekend, but Cornelius Sturghill will miss the 2016 season after he was shot in the foot during a visit back home in Memphis. A scary situation that obviously could have ended in something much worse than a missed football season.

Sturghill ran a 4.24 40-yard dash back in the spring, the fastest time of any player on the team.

I_medium If you're looking to keep an eye on the Cardinal athletes who will be in the pool down in Rio today, here's the schedule.

I_medium Boise State QB transfer Ryan Finley is already proving to be a big blessing for NC State.

I_medium Former Card and New Albany native Josh Rogers has been named the Florida State League Pitcher of the Week.

I_medium The Louisville on Michigan crime continues.

I_medium Patrick Towles says he's dedicating his 2016 season to Harambe the gorilla, confirming once and for all that Harambe jokes are done.

I_medium The young man from Ballard is going to be a problem ... if he doesn't go straight to the pros.

I_medium Athlon ranks all 128 college football coaches, and has Bobby Petrino at No. 12.

I_medium Nick Solak has been selected as a New York-Penn League All-Star.

I_medium It's incredible that he can do this despite having such tiny hands.

A true inspiration for tiny-handed children across the country.

I_medium College football website The Comeback has Louisville at No. 14 in its preseason countdown.

I_medium The Big 12 expansion jostling got even more ridiculous yesterday with Houston boasting about its library and then being criticized for it. That led to this mock tweet from a UConn website which I thought was pretty funny.

I_medium Kolby Smith wants Louisville to get back to the "feed the studs" style of running in 2016.

I_medium Scout takes a look at some of the early names from the class of 2018 that are on Louisville basketball's big board.

I_medium I love this.

I_medium Louisville City FC has two big games this week. If you'd like to attend, here's how you can get tickets.

I_medium The DeAngelo Brown hype is coming.

I_medium A Sea of Blue says that the regular season finale against Louisville is one of three games that will make or break Kentucky football in 2016.

I_medium Phil Steele says (insider) Louisville has the second best group of linebackers in the country, trailing only Alabama.

I_medium ESPN looks at the movie that defines each basketball program in its preseason top 25, and it's pick for Louisville is .... depressing.

13. Louisville Cardinals: "Citizen Kane" (1941)
The ongoing NCAA investigation into the Louisville men's basketball program seems ripped from era of yellow journalism:Prostitution! Scandal! University rocked by salacious expose! It's the kind of headline Orson Welles' William Randolph Hearst/Harold McCormick industrialist mash-up Charles Foster Kane would have giddily run, particularly about a business rival. It's also the kind of headline Kane earned for himself. Perhaps the key pivot-point on which the movie turns is itself a sex scandal -- one that derails Kane's gubernatorial run and signals the end of the subject's idealistic rise and the beginning of his extended, cynical downfall. -- Brennan

I think we're gonna be ok.

I_medium The Macon Telegraph takes a week-by-week look at the ACC football schedule.

I_medium I won't recap my rant(s) from yesterday's radio show, but let's just say that last night confirmed that the Louisville Zoo is a superior overall entity to Russia.

I_medium Tables are now on sale for the Petrino Family Foundation tailgates at home football games this year. To reserve yours, go here.

I_medium Florida State's running backs are really good, and it's not just Dalvin Cook.

I_medium Louisville is in the top 10 for 4-star PG Matt Coleman.

I_medium And finally, R&R is back with more ridiculousness today from 3-6. We'll talk more Olympics, Deng Adel, and have an update from football practice. Listen here.