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The Cardinal Countdown: 24 Days Until Kickoff

#24 Zykiesis Cannon

Class: Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-0/195

Position: Cornerback

Hometown: Mauldin, SC

Twitter: @CannonSoSwiift

Thoughts: You know how some things just seem to stay with even after multiple years pass by? Well, talking about Cannon like a German war general is something I continue to do two years later (to the day). Sorry buddy, itz hard to break zee habit.

As I predicted (you need to listen to me, dammit) Cannon got some reps on special teams as a true freshman and then last year stepped into a supplementary role in the secondary appearing in ten games, grabbing 16 tackles, and even got his first career start against Houston back in September. While I really like Khane Pass and Dee Smith, at this point in the game (5 days into fall camp) Cannon appears to be getting some 2nd team reps behind JHC and Chucky and will more than likely be one of the first men off the bench when they go into a nickel package. I’d expect to see Cannon in almost every game this year at one point or another, setting himself up to work for a starting spot next season as a Senior. It won’t be easy, as there are some young guys nipping at his heels for PT, but Cannon has been a consistent player in the secondary when given the opportunity and I think the additional reps, game experience, and another year of coaching propels him into a more prominent role going forward.

Sweet Tweet:

Me too Cannon…but I’m staying up late scrolling back through two years worth of tweets to try and find something odd to make a joke about. Hope you all appreciate this old man sacrifice! I’ve seen more grammatical errors over the last five years than most third grade teachers. #CountdownCreeping #TeenagerTimelines #WhatDatMean