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Your least cool person of 2015-16: Andre Mcgee

In perhaps the most monumental clash in the long and stories history of the Least Cool Person Tournament, Andre McGee garnered a whopping 1,654 votes to hold off Katina Powell (1,014) votes and claim his rightful spot in the LCPT history books.

There's a new name on the plaque of champions:

The plaque (again, we really need to make one) of champions now looks like this:

2008 - Larry Taylor
2009 - Mitch Barnhart
2010 - Steve Kragthorpe
2011 - Brandon Bender
2012 - Doug Gottlieb
2013 - Digger Phelps
2014 - FedEx
2015 - The Game 3 Super Regional Replay Officials
2016 - Andre McGee

Thanks to all who participated in this most sacred of summer traditions. Now let's all go back to pretending that the last 12 months didn't happen.