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The Cardinal Countdown: 5 Days Until Kickoff

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

#5 Seth Dawkins

Class: Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-3/201

Position: Wide Receiver

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Twitter: @dawkins5_

Thoughts: Dawkins was great pickup for the Cards last year. Somewhat overshadowed in the class by fellow wideout Dez Fitzpatrick, Dawkins has already started to make a name for himself during the fall. Back on NSD Petrino highlighted Dawkins physicality as a receiver, at 6-3 and over 200 pounds there were times Seth simply bodied through corners to make a play, putting a shoulder into them or dishing out stiff arms to eat up some YAC (yards after catch).

While I’d always viewed Dawkins as one of the next line at wideout and actually thought he may be in line for a redshirt I’d forgotten about his ability as a return man until fall camp started back up. While many point to Samuel and Alexander as the leaders in those spots Petrino said Dawkins has shown in camp that he can make an impact on special teams and may earn some time as a return specialist this season. While he may not have the speed of Samuel or Alexander (few do), he did run track in high school and when he hits the hole hard he’s certainly a load to try and bring down. I’m not sure Petrino would burn a redshirt on Dawkins unless he really thinks his ability to return kicks is worth the ‘risk’ of losing some eligibility. It’s tough to imagine Dawkins seeing major time as a wideout in 2016 so special teams may be his avenue to cut teeth in the ACC and prepare for a larger role next season.

One of the big takeaways about Seth from the fall camp is the sheer size of his hands. Staples, Petrino, and others have all highlighted just how massive Seth’s hand size is and as you might imagine, that seems to help with catching and holding onto the football. I actually bumped into Seth the other day, unfortunately it was in the restroom, and trying to check out a man’s hand size at the urinal probably wasn’t the best idea…I did grab this pic though.

‘bout died.


Sweet Tweet:

If I’m a new college athlete I am heading straight to the roster, seeing what studs left the year before me, or a couple years before me, and straight snatching their jersey number. Why? Because how many Teddy jerseys are getting rocked in 2016 at PJCS…especially if Dawkins starts to make a name for himself? Then you can carry that on into 2017, 2018, etc. To be clear, Seth didn’t do this, #5 is actually his old high school number, but if it was me I’d be pointing up in the stands constantly.

“Look at all those CardinalStrong jerseys. The people love me”

Why in the heck do you think Cole grabbed #18 when he rolled into town?

Hikutini straight riding the coattails jerseytails of Art-o-matic right into the draft.