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Monday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Gwin and Cameron Minter keep the Summer Tour rolling from the Sand River Dam in Swaziland, Africa.

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I_medium Happy first day of class, U of L students. Don't jump in the baby pool. It's not funny.

I_medium DeAngelo Brown and Devonte Fields are first team preseason All-ACC selections according to ESPN.

I_medium The best college football preview magazine you can read to get ready for the 2016 season is available online for free.

I_medium The 2016-17 U of L athletic season is officially underway, and women's soccer team has opened their campaign with a 1-1 draw at Indiana, and a 4-0 drubbing of Indiana State. The Cards are back in action Friday night at Lynn Stadium when they'll host UAB at 5:30, a game which will be followed up by the men taking on Butler in their 2016 home debut.

I_medium The world needs more Norwegian videos on Matz just so we can get uncensored, in-game Rick Pitino sideline clips.

I_medium The Pro Football Focus preseason All-American team features zero Cardinals on either the first, second or third teams. Well that's just, like, your opinion, man.

I_medium predicts what the best game of every week of the college football season will be. Look at that week five slate, if Louisville beats Florida State and Clemson takes care of business at Auburn in week one, GameDay is going to be at Death Valley on Oct. 1.

I_medium The look on his face makes this tweet.

I_medium Today's feel-good story comes from Polish silver medalist Piotr Małachowski, who is auctioning off his medal to help get a young boy the money he needs to fly to New York and get proper treatment for the eye cancer he's been battling since he was two. There are cool people in the world.

I_medium SB Nation's Jasn Kirk predicts that Louisville will take on West Virginia in the Conference Realignment Russell Athletic Bowl on Dec. 28.

I_medium Vice Sports writer Aaron Gordon spent the last 19 days in Rio and says the Games were an unjustifiable human disaster.

I_medium It's a new world order when the ACC has two (three?) legitimate CFP contenders.

I_medium Katina Powell's author and publisher as well as the attorney for the women suing her have agreed to keep some evidence in the lawsuits confidential.

However, the two sides could not agree on other information and Perry told them to continue to try and work it out in the next couple of weeks . Perry said he was "reluctant" to keep too much information from the public and media. The judge did not object to the agreement to make phone numbers and addresses confidential.

Nader George Shunnarah, who represents six women who claim they were defamed by being depicted in the book wearing lingerie and dancing at parties in Minardi Hall, a U of L dormitory for athletes, told Perry attorneys for Cady and IBJ have refused to "tell us what they want confidential."

Among the evidence IBJ and Cady have asked be withheld from the public are addresses, cell phone numbers, financial data, contract negotiations and other "private" information.

Shunnarah has argued most of the information - including financial records and logs kept by Powell - should be open to the public.

An attorney for Powell, Larry Wilder, has said the motion for a protective order "has nothing to do with her safety." Wilder, who did not file the motion, has said attorneys for IBJ and Cady are trying to make financial documents confidential.

What an absolutely absurd mess.

I_medium Kelsi Worrell threw out the first pitch at the Philadelphia Phillies game on Sunday, and said it was more stressful than swimming in the Olympics.

I_medium Steven Godfrey goes 1-on-1 with Charlie Strong about life as Texas' head coach, and also has some great quotes from Mario Benavides.

I_medium ESPN is taking fan votes on who has the best uniforms in the ACC.

I_medium "If you don't think the offense is going to be more explosive in year three under Bobby Petrino and year two with Lamar Jackson, you've got another thing coming. AND LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHIN' ELSE..."

I_medium Per Bill Connelly's calculations, Louisville is going to be "as fun and dangerous as jumping off the tree fort onto a trampoline" in 2016.

I_medium Kyle Robbins looks at the state of the Ryder Cup teams just a week before the automatic qualifiers for both Team USA and Team Europe are locked in.

I_medium Eat it, Flora, and eat it, Bama.

I_medium Could UConn be headed back to the Big East in every sport but football? Maybe.

I_medium Louisville junior Coline Coessens keeps you up to date with the state of the volleyball team in the latest installment of the Cardinal Volleyblog.

I_medium It's not too early to tailgate for the Charlotte game or, you know, the Battle 4 Atlantis.

However you want to play it is cool. We've got a big seven months ahead of us.

I_medium The Louisville Cardinal has a complete breakdown of how all 12 U of L Olympic athletes fared in Rio.

I_medium U of L is in early on RJ Oben, the son of Cardinal legend Roman Oben.

I_medium If Louisville wins a national title in football this season, they'll be the first team ever to do so without significant blue chip talent.

I_medium If you haven't peeped the new Crum's Revenge hype video, get on that.

I_medium Congrats on being golden once again, Angel.

I_medium ESPN previews the Clemson Tigers, who I'm told are supposed to be at least average in 2016. Issues at quarterback.

I_medium Devonte Fields gets another first team preseason All-American nod from ESPN.

I_medium I will never stop loving Hajj Turner. Never.

I_medium It was a bad weekend for Notre Dame football.

I_medium A reveal of the individual Associated Press Top 25 ballots shows that the Cards were ranked as high as No. 9, while five voters chose not to put U of L in the top 25 at all.

I_medium The Jake the Snake documentary on Netflix fully showcased just how awesome a person Diamond Dallas Page is. It looks like the Virginia football team is a collective fan as well.

I_medium The New Orleans Advocate has U of L as a top 10 team in its preseason top 25 countdown.

I_medium In its final game of the exhibition season, the Cardinal field hockey team destroyed Ohio, 8-0.

I_medium And finally, with a promising athletic season just about to get rolling, this is the perfect time to start advertising with ESPN Louisville and 93.9 The Ville. If you own or a part of a business that might be interested in joining the team, shoot me an email at .... or if you want to honor tradition. I'll answer to both.