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30 things to do in Louisville to kill time between now and football

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Exactly 30 days from right now, the mighty Cardinals of Louisville will open their 2016 football season against the Charlotte 49ers inside Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.

The last few weeks of the endless dead period always seem to be the toughest, and even though 30 is a much more manageable number to deal with than, say, 100, it's still a fairly sizable amount of time to kill. That being said, here are 20 things (many submitted by you) to do in the Derby City to get you from today to Sept. 1.

1. Read the entire first half of the Cardinal Countdown series again.

2. Play golf, drink 1,000 beers, play golf and drink 1,000 beers at the same time. Make up a story about this one time where you played in a scramble with Jonathan Huffman. Watch as everyone you're playing with starts treating you as a demigod.

3. I've still never been to this place, but I haven't driven by it once when there hasn't been a line almost out into the street. And yes, their social media presence is significant.

4. This is like seven things, but we're going to count it as one.

5. Use your turn signal when turning right onto Westport Rd. after crossing the railroad tracks in St. Matthews. Because if you don't you're an awful human being.

6. Seems like a cool new venture.

7. Don't tweet at recruits. Don't do it.

Also, don't jump in the baby pool.

8. It's crazy to me that Lazer Blaze has had a monopoly on the laser tag game in Louisville for so long. I'm still waiting for a competitor to emerge.

9. Go to a local high-end men's clothing store and simply tell them that you want "the Rocco Gasparro."

10. Old Villen videos. They're still out there if you look hard enough.

11. He was, but watch it long enough that you convince yourself that he wasn't.

Or just watch his TD celebration and trolling John Calipari videos instead.

12. For legal purposes, I can't condone this.

13. Play tennis under the lights at Seneca Park. Laugh at the taking it way too seriously dude next to you who consistently shoots "too good" after his buddy hits an easy passing shot.

14. The man knows his meats.

15. Attend open practice tomorrow and write a 10,000 word fan post on the significance of what you saw. Don't be worried that you're overreacting. We've all been deprived of football for the same amount of time. We'll all understand.

16. I bet Michael Bush has a game.

17. Justify drinking at seemingly inappropriate times as "tailgating for Charlotte."

18. Obviously.

19. Current International League Player of the Month Scott Schebler isn't going to be patrolling the outfield at Slugger Field forever.

20. Go find Nic Cage and tell him you loved him in Adaptation. I hear he's around here somewhere.

21. Everyone in this city has a bias. Don't get tricked into thinking any differently.

22. Say "Cards just scored" any time you hear a train whistle. It never gets old. Ever. People will hoist you on their shoulders and carry you around as they continue to cackle. Every time.

23. I have never hunted for the goatman. I hope I'm not missing out.

24. Another obviously.

25. Go through the archives and relive the "Bring Chicken to the Bucket" magic that defined the glorious summer of 2011.

26. Spend one work week watching all five of Louisville's most recent wins over Kentucky during actual work hours. You won't get in trouble. That's a CC guarantee.

27. Two words: Mike Linnig's.

28. I'll cop to being way more emotionally invested in the squad after James O'Connor's majestic rant over the weekend.

29. Say "yes and yes" to someone on the street. If they don't respond with "dick," then they don't matter.

30. Re-stock the Cardwear wardrobe. We're a month away from 2016-17 being here and you can't re-use the tired looks you wore out during the ACC debut season. Treat yourself and then wow your tailgate crew on Sept. 1.