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The Cardinal Countdown: 30 Days Until Kickoff

Pass changed numbers from last season, sorry we're not actually 5 days out...

The Crunch Zone

#30 Khane Pass

Class: RS Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-1/208

Position: Safety

Hometown: Columbus, GA

Twitter: @pass_khane

Thoughts: I’m so excited about Khane. I know, I know, he has a talented brother who plays QB for us, and that’s great, but Khane can flat out ball. McGee, Grantham, Petrino, and Coach Heyward have all gone out of their way since last December to specifically name Pass as a future stud in the secondary. Pass took a redshirt last season (wise decision) because we had Chucky, JHC, and Reve locking down those positions heading into the year, unfortunately for Pass Chucky and JHC are both back, so my excitement for Pass may be classified as a case of ….premature elation? (They make a pill for that?)

While Dee Smith got some run last year as a true freshman he is recovering from a late season injury and he and Pass appeared to be neck and neck heading into the spring for second team reps up top, with the potential for both to see the field in nickel packages. Pass was actually well known last year for his outstanding play on the scout team. As I said above, McGee singled him out in preparations for the bowl game as one of the most impressive players they’d faced all season. He has an eye for the ball, great footwork and without a doubt can leave a few bruises on some folks. Heyward was also excited about his potential after a few practices this spring, saying he was one of three or four guys who showed their physicality on every play.

Glad to have both Chucky and JHC back this year but eager to see Pass get some live reps as he prepares to take the torch in a couple seasons. While ‘Secondary U’ doesn’t have a great ring to it I have no doubt that Chucky, JHC, Shaq, and eventually Pass would love to add their names to the list of 5 players who were drafted out of the Cardinal secondary since 2011 (Johnny Patrick, Calvin Pryor, Gerod Holliman, Charles Gaines, and James Sample).

Sweet Tweet:

I have a major issue here folks. This ain’t a game. This is real talk. For the last year me and the Mrs. have had some heated discussions about how one should make a proper peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I’m serious. One of us argues that one slice of bread should have the peanut butter placed on it and the other slice covered in jelly, and then the two are joined together in sandwich matrimony when you place the slices of bread together. The other one argues that you spread the peanut butter on one slice and then cover said PB with jelly on the same slice, leaving one slice free and clear of toppings until you join the two slices together.

To not sway the votes I’ll keep my 100% correct opinion to myself at this time. No pressure, but if I lose this poll I will burn this damn website to the ground.